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A new U.S. Postal Service experiment called Expedited to Street/Afternoon Sortation (ESAS) came to light in mid-July to threaten delays in newspaper delivery.

By Tonda Rush
Director, Public Policy, National Newspaper Association

By Jim Pumarlo, consultant

Q: A resident of our county, on her Facebook page, posted information supporting one candidate and casting innuendos on the other in a July runoff. The social media post is a string of allegations in the form of questions that could affect the election. What should we consider before we proceed with our coverage?

None of us are blind to racial injustice in America. Currently, most of us are involved in covering protests against that injustice whether we are the smallest of weeklies or the largest of dailies, because these protests are happening everywhere in our state. 

Texas newspapers burst onto the Pulitzer Prize scene in a big way in 1955, capturing two awards in local reporting.

Gov. Greg Abbott recently issued an executive order to announce the opening of additional businesses and activities in Texas expanding the businesses and activities included in the first phase of the plan to Open Texas while minimizing the spread of COVID-19. 

We are recapping recent questions to the NNA postal hotline shared for the benefit of others without identifying the newspaper( s) involved. 

American Press Institute has added more tools to the API website's COVID-19 resources.

1955 - Local Reporting - Edition time 
Mrs. Caro Brown of Alice Daily Echo