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Recent Press Releases:


Press Release: Austin Pain Clinic Expands and Delivers Enhanced Quality Pain Treatment Services (Austin area)

Press Release: Large scale COVID-19 testing to begin with local healthcare group’s plan (DFW area)

Press Release: Those Who Matter. . . Album Release - Tracy Lightner (Texas Made)

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Press Release: Next Level Urgent Care (NLUC) Welcomes New Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Martin Kus Joins NLUC, Maps Plan for Occupational Medicine Program Growth

Press Release: Op-Ed – Hecht & Tottenham: Texas veterans need our help, especially during COVID-19

Press Release: New Statewide Workforce Initiative Seeks to Support Innovation in Developing Texas Talent

Press Release: Op-Ed – Jeffrey L. McIntyre: To close the skills and workforce gaps for STEM, inspiration starts at home

Press Release: Next Level Urgent Care Expands Employer Health & Wellness Program Offerings

Press Release: New Data Reveals Concerning Trends in Texas Public Schools Regarding Student Enrollment and Engagement

Press Release: New Next Level Urgent Care (NLUC) Clinic Opens in Baytown

Press Release: The Better Business Bureau (BBB) Awards Next Level Urgent Care its Top Honor

Press Release: Emergency services districts create jobs, save taxpayer money and generate hundreds of millions in gross product

Press Release: Op-Ed – Dr. M. Ray Perryman: Emergency Services Districts and their economic benefits

Press Release: Op-Ed – Gasdaska and Fields: The Power of Us: As Women Bear the Brunt of COVID-19’s Economic Crisis, it is More Important Than Ever to Band Together

Press Release: Op-Ed – Margaret Spellings: Let’s Talk about Health Care … For Texas’ Sake

Press Release: Op-Ed – Judge Sydney Murphy: Cornyn Putting East Texas Jobs at Risk

Press Release: CLEAT COVID-19 Action Week: Regarding COVID-19 becoming presumptive under Texas Law for ALL First Responders Sept. 2 update

Press Release: SouthWest Water Company announces Class of 2020 Pre-Law Fellows

Press Release: National Fire, Emergency Districts Excluded from CARES Act, Request Inclusion in Federal COVID-19 Relief as US Grapples with Fires, Hurricane

Press Release: Texas Psychologists Raise Awareness, Share Resources on Suicide Prevention

Press Release: Op-Ed: What They Learn Matters Republican Women Call on State Board of Education to Adopt Abstinence-Plus

Press Release: CLEAT COVID-19 Action Week: Regarding COVID-19 becoming presumptive under Texas Law for ALL First Responders

Press Release: Pandemic Presents Challenges to Rural Communities




Press Release: Op-Ed – Michele Richmond: Texas Generators Ensure Lights, A/C Are One Less Worry During COVID

Press Release: Potential Privacy Breach Elicits Quick Response from Insurance Agency

Press Release: Op-Ed – Trent McKnight and Abel Castro: The State Needs Rural Texas — and It Needs to Start Planning

Press Release: Texas Court Reporter Sworn in during Association’s First Virtual Zoom Annual State Convention

Press Release: Staying Connected Amidst the Pandemic: Focus on Mental Health – Texas Psychological Association Offers Mental Health Tips, Resources for Texans

Press Release: Texas Business and Economic Development Organizations Launch Texas Return To Work Initiative

Press Release: Op-Ed – Tiffany Bacon: Underlying Conditions Complicate Life for 130 Million Americans

Press Release: Op-Ed – David Iannelli: Defeating COVID-19 Requires Respect and Trust in One Another

Press Release: New Poll Shows Broad Consensus Across North Texas for Wearing Masks

Press Release: Op-Ed – Jeffrey L. McIntyre: Remember the value of water

Press Release: Op-Ed: Immediate challenges shouldn’t stop Texas from planning for the future

Press Release: Texas Mutual and Univision Austin Launch Spanish-language Safety Campaign for Hispanic Business Owners

Press Release: Wolf Manufacturing Adapts Its Manufacturing Plant to Produce Cloth Face Masks

Press Release: Debt Management Agency Seeks to Help Texans Crushed by Debt Due to COVID-19

Press Release: Sorghum Frontiers Virtual Field Day breaks new ground

Press Release: Barton & Fitz Launches Hand Sanitizer and Touch Tools to Serve Reopening Community During COVID-19 Pandemic

Press Release: Op-Ed – Margaret Spellings: Recovering from COVID crisis, higher education should retool around Texas' needs

Press Release: Texas Association of Nurse Anesthetists Recognizes the Contributions of CRNAs

Press Release: New Podcast is live. “With the Bark Off: Conversations from the LBJ Presidential Library”


Press Release: Online Tool Takes Comprehensive Look at COVID-19’s Toll on Texas

Press Release: Op-Ed – Margaret Spellings: The Pandemic's 5 Lessons for Texas Schools

Press Release: Austin area company goes from losing all business to building a new business in 10 days

Press Release: Divorce Cases Expected to Increase as Shelter in Place Orders Lifted in Texas

Press Release: CLEAT to take Legal Action on behalf of COVID-19 Survivor Families

Press Release: Long-Term Care Provider Associations Issue Joint Release

Press Release: New CEO brings ‘passion and commitment’ to Pathways

Press Release: VA Claims Insider and Caritas of Austin Team Up To Help Veterans

Press Release: Texas CRNAs: Often the Only Access to Critical Care for Rural Texans During The COVID-19 Pandemic

Press Release: Virtual Press Conference by The Combined Law Enforcement Associations of Texas, CLEAT at 1 p.m. Thursday, April 23

Press Release: Launches

Press Release: Texas Association of Nurse Anesthetists (TxANA) and Texas CRNAs Answer the Call of States Overrun by the Pandemic

Press Release: LBJ School In the Arena Series Debut Episode, COVID-19’s Impact on our Cities, Now Available on the LBJ School Website

Press Release: Alcohol training company eases burden of temporarily unemployed hospitality workers during coronavirus pandemic

Press Release: Studies Weekly opens its online curriculum to all during COVID-19 outbreak

Press Release: Standard Deluxe and Single Lock Records debut the ALABAMA BOOGIE, sponsored by Alabama Tourism, at Sam’s Town Point in Austin, Texas

Press Release: 2020 56th Annual Lone Star Fair & Expo PSA