Be your community’s hero

Sometimes in our lives we’re blessed to be a part of a special event that makes you so proud it brings you to tears.
One of those events for myself, family and friends and more than 600 other proud folks occurred on Feb. 7 when my first grandchild and only grandson, Dylan Chadwick Ferguson, graduated from the 78th Season of the Corpus Christi Police Academy, received his badge and officially became an officer with the Corpus Christi Police Department.
Dylan was one of 30 new officers selected out of 800 applicants.
He was awarded the prestigious Matthew Thebeau Memorial Award for exemplifying honesty, humor, wisdom, honor, empathy, compassion, enthusiasm, commitment, service loyalty, respect, trustworthiness and physical agility.
The Matthew Thebeau Award is in memory of Corpus Christi Police Officer Matthew Thebeau, who was killed in the line of duty in 2008.
In addition to a plaque, Dylan received $500 to purchase equipment he may require in the capacity to serve as a patrol officer.
The Thebeau family created the award to go to a newly appointed officer chosen by his training officers.
At the ceremony, the quest speaker spoke on the subject of heroes.
According to the Merriam Webster Dictionary, a hero is a person admired for achievement and qualities, and is one who shows great courage.
After listening to the speech, it made me think of what journalists do day to day.
There are times when we have to muster the courage to publish news that everyone might not like, and at times like those we’re sometimes considered heroes in our profession.
So, as an incredibly proud grandmother, I ask that you keep Dylan and all law enforcement and emergency personnel in your prayers.
And as a journalist, I urge you to continue to be your community’s hero.