NAM, Metro release new set of free Newspaper Power ads

Through the Relevance Project, Newspaper Association Managers (NAM) and Metro Creative Graphics are delivering the first in a series of free house ads focusing on advertising categories where research confirms strong results for newspaper advertisers.
NAM members can adapt the campaign in their sales pitches to local advertisers. The initial set of five categories is based on data supplied by Coda Ventures, which has worked with NAM members to provide readership studies. 
The promotions were created by Metro Creative Graphics as part of The Relevance Project.

SPJ's Journalist Toolbox gets an upgrade

The Society of Professional Journalists has redesigned the Journalist's Toolbox page on its website.
In addition to more than 350 links to COVID-19 articles and resources, the page also includes resources on topics such as public records, the U.S. Census, transcription tools, fact checking and more.
There's a virtual tour to help users get acquainted with the new design.
To check it out, click here.

Press Release: New Poll Shows Broad Consensus Across North Texas for Wearing Masks


Wednesday, June 24, 2020

New Poll Shows Broad Consensus
Across North Texas for Wearing Masks

Six out of 10 said wearing masks and social distancing
should be required until a vaccine is widely available

[DALLAS, TEXAS, June 24] – A new poll commissioned by the non-partisan, non-profit group Texas 2036 shows broad support across North Texas for wearing masks to fight COVID-19.

Press Release: Op-Ed – Jeffrey L. McIntyre: Remember the value of water

“Remember the value of water”

by Jeffrey L. McIntyre, president of Texas Utilities at SouthWest Water Company

The process of turning groundwater and surface water into safe water for your home is complex and goes largely unseen. Unlike electricity, which you can see coming to your home through power lines, and natural gas, which can have a distinctive smell, water is processed and delivered out of sight and typically underground.

Press Release: Op-Ed: Immediate challenges shouldn’t stop Texas from planning for the future

Immediate challenges shouldn’t stop Texas from planning for the future

By Tom Luce, Margaret Spellings and the Texas 2036 Board of Directors

Texas wouldn’t trade places with any other state.

That’s important to remember during a historic pandemic and downturn in oil prices. Even in the face of these challenges, Texas has the people, resources and drive to bounce back and ensure that future generations of Texans enjoy economic prosperity.

Metro, NAM release free post-pandemic house ad graphics

Newspaper Association Managers announced an ongoing partnership with Metro Creative Graphics, Inc. through its Relevance Project.
The first initiative of this collaboration is the roll-out of the “All Together Now” campaign centered on business recovery and reopening amid the COVID-19 pandemic and the critical role of newspaper journalism during the public health crisis. The ads are available to TPA member newspapers free of charge.
Use the links below to download the free art, which can be adapted to suit your newspaper.

Citizen's guide to recording police

In response to the nationwide demonstrations against police brutality, NYU’s First Amendment Watch has published a guide informing citizens of their right to record the police in public places.
Many millions of people now have the capability to document news in a way that only journalists and film crews could do in the past, and the videos they capture have played an important role in shedding light on police misconduct.