Week of Oct. 18 - 22

Early voting begins on eight proposed amendments
If history is an indicator, Texas voters will likely go to the polls on Nov. 2 in underwhelming numbers to decide the fate of eight proposed amendments to the state’s constitution. With no statewide races on the ballot, and a scattering of local elections for city council and school board, turnout typically is low. Nevertheless, early voting is now underway and continues until Oct. 29. 

Week of Oct. 11 - 15

State climatologist: Texas getting hotter
The state climatologist recently predicted that Texas will continue to get hotter and for longer periods of time during the next 15 years. In “Assessment of Historic and Future Trends of Extreme Weather in Texas, 1900-2036,” John Nielsen-Gammon predicted the average annual temperature in Texas will be three degrees warmer than the average from 1950-1999, and the number of 100-degree days could nearly double compared to 2000-2018. 

As I was Saying: Be your Community Forum

National Newspaper Week will be observed Oct. 3-9, 2021.
I hope you get this column before that … if the mail service in your area is running normal, maybe you will. Of course, our definition of normal and the USPS’s definition of normal is kind of like Bill Clinton’s definition of the word “is.”
This 81st annual National Newspaper Week is a recognition of the service of newspapers and their employees across North America and is sponsored by Newspaper Association Managers.