As i was saying....Where did summer go?

It’s almost time to work up our 2021 Fall Sports posters (we include football, band, volleyball, fall tennis, cross country, cheerleaders, twirlers, flag lines and drill teams) for two of our area schools. Suzanne works very hard every year to top the previous year’s revenue and I expect she will do the same this year.
And no – you can’t borrow her to sell yours.

Community Newsroom Success Strategies: A salute to those who wave the editorial banner

Last summer’s Grassroots Editor still sits in my stack of journalism publications. The edition announced the Golden Quill winners in annual competition sponsored by the International Society of Weekly Newspaper Editors.
I have a passion for vibrant, local editorials. I believe energized, local editorials are at the foundation of energized communities. The Golden Quill recognizes the top 12 editorials written among nondailies.

By Jim Pumarlo, Consultant

As I was saying...Dealing with postal delivery issues

It is taking 10-14 days for my Lindale News & Times newspaper to make it just 40 miles down the road. It is mailed in Smith County on Wednesdays and is supposed to be delivered to adjacent Upshur County on Thursday – the next-day Thursday, not Thursday a week or two from now. 
I am sure this is nothing new to many of you, if not all of you.
I am losing subscribers and advertisers because of the lack of timely delivery. And when we ask the post office why the service is so slow we get no answers. 

Into the Issues: We must speak and stand up for truth, foster respectful dialogue

The insurrection at the U.S. Capitol last week was driven by a mistaken belief, generated by President Trump and his allies, that the election was stolen from him. Millions of the president’s supporters believe this lie, so it is damaging our republic by undermining faith in our elections, courts and other governmental processes. Journalism goes hand in glove with democracy, so what should journalists do about it?

Thank you for allowing me to serve

I would like to take this opportunity to thank my fellow members of the Texas Press Association for allowing me to serve as your 2021 president. It is a great honor, and I am very appreciative for the opportunity to serve you and the state press association.
Normally I would be nervously saying this from the podium while standing on the stage at the annual TPA convention. But these aren’t normal times are they? 

Newspapers and the stimulus package: A live webinar

A live webinar going over the stimulus package and how it relates to the newspaper industry is scheduled for Monday, Dec. 28. The FREE event starts at 10:30 a.m. Monday, Dec. 28.
The bill includes a potential second draw for PPP loans with expanded definitions of forgivable expenses. Additionally, the bill includes a special set of rules for news organizations regarding eligibility, affiliation, and publicly traded companies.
TPA members are invited to join Scott Sternberg and Keith Naccari, of Sternberg, Naccari & White, to learn more.

Newsprint survey due Jan. 31

Publishers and printing company officials are reminded that the annual recycled newsprint survey form must be filed by Jan. 31. 
Each year, the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) collects data on recycled newsprint.  Texas law requires that newspaper publishers submit their report for 2020 to the TCEQ by Jan. 31, 2021. More information about the reporting requirement is available in the Texas Health and Safety Code, Section 361.430.
The current survey form is available online for publishers to fill out and return to the TCEQ.

Anson Jones media awards

Texas journalists are encouraged to enter the Anson Jones, MD, awards, sponsored by the Texas Medical Association.
For the third year in a row, a print journalist took home the Texas Health Journalist of the Year title in Texas Medical Association’s Anson Jones, MD, Awards competition. 
Lauren Caruba, a San Antonio Express-News reporter, took top honors in 2020. Jess Huff, a reporter at The Lufkin Daily News, and Sophie Novack, a Texas Observer reporter, received honorable mention, along with Bonnie Petrie of Texas Public Radio.