#AloneTogether Ad PSAs – Ad Council

The News Media Alliance has partnered with the Ad Council to provide print and digital PSAs for newspapers’ use to help raise awareness about the importance of practicing social distancing during the coronavirus/COVID-19 pandemic.

Click here to see and download the ads.

AP makes coronavirus dataset available to all

AP’s county-level U.S. coronavirus data is now publicly available through the platform.

AP uses data collected by the Johns Hopkins University Center for Systems Science and Engineering as its source for COVID-19 cases and deaths.

For more information, click here.

Tip sheet: Newsroom Safety Best practices

Following the tragic June 28 shooting in the Capital Gazette newsroom in  Annapolis, Maryland, the American Society of News Editors and Associated Press Media Editors assembled a tip sheet on Newsroom Safety Best Practices.
Th information is posted as a resource on the Texas Press Association website. Click here to access it.

How To Detect Fake News With These Tools and Techniques

Through links to studies and reports as well as applications, journalism educators share several concrete tools readers can use to detect fake news. 
A critical thinking model is provided to show how using cognitive skills to think through content, analyze and make a decision as to what constitutes a fake story is the best method of detecting fake news.

Transcription: There’s an app for that

Technology has made it easier than ever for reporters to connect with their sources, whether they’re across the street or halfway around the world. With so many digital recording options, it takes no more than a few clicks and swipes to record an interview with a source. The biggest problem reporters face when it comes to digital interviews, however, is how to deal with all the recorded content once the interview is over. Turning those audio files into useable text isn’t always easy. Transcription is a time-consuming and often costly part of the job.

Appointing federal judges and U.S. attorneys: An explainer with resources

While the presidential appointment process for a Supreme Court seat draws national attention, few take notice of federal judge appointments. There are hundreds of federal judges and these appointments, too, are for life. Because the judges wield significant power, they are at the core of a president’s legacy. 
Federal courts have jurisdiction over a wide variety of crimes and civil disputes outlined in the Constitution and other federal statutes, including election fraud, weapons trafficking and terrorism.