Mining census data to better cover the health-gap story: A tip sheet from AHCJ

If you are covering the social determinants of health care, chances are you will need some data on areas such as income and gender that can influence health. One place to find everything from the number of doctors in a particular part of the country to demographic information on veterans is the U.S. Census Bureau. This federal agency culls data not only from the U.S. Census taken every 10 years but also from a host of other more frequent surveys.

26 ways to find information on people: Tips for journalists writing about crime on deadline

So you’re on deadline with breaking news about a crime committed in your community but officials are releasing only basic details: a few facts about the crime and the name and birth date of a person alleged to be involved.

The staff at Journalist’s Resource has compiled a list of steps they have used to track down large amounts of information on deadline. While this list may come in handy when covering crime, the strategies also can be used for gathering information on individuals in many other scenarios.

Into the Issues

At The Rural Blog we watch events and issues, but also trends and ideas in rural America – especially those that offer opportunities for localizing stories. We’ve had several examples lately.

The Francis A. Henninger Grant Program

Since its introduction a few years ago, the Francis A. Henninger Grant program has contributed to design improvements at newspapers throughout the United States and Canada. Applications from other quarters are still under review. Thousands of dollars in savings are available to program participants.

The grant program, developed by independent newspaper design consultant Ed Henninger, is his effort to reach out to those publishers and editors who believe their newspapers can't afford professional design assistance.

TPA Mobile Lab

TPA Mobile Computer Lab is FREE if attended by at least three member newspapers

Choose from: MacOS X, Quark, Photoshop, Pagemaker, InDesign, Acrobat, Dreamweaver.

TPA Mobile Computer Lab is FREE to all attendees and the host if the event is attended by at least three member newspapers. However if the three member newspapers do not attend a fee of $450 per class will be charged to the host newspaper.