TPA Mobile Lab

TPA Mobile Computer Lab is FREE if attended by at least three member newspapers

Choose from: MacOS X, Quark, Photoshop, Pagemaker, InDesign, Acrobat, Dreamweaver.

TPA Mobile Computer Lab is FREE to all attendees and the host if the event is attended by at least three member newspapers. However if the three member newspapers do not attend a fee of $450 per class will be charged to the host newspaper.

We want to encourage the host to get other newspapers in the area to attend and not make this a private computer training class.

The Computer Mobile Lab is available to any member newspaper willing to host a set of one day classes (Photoshop & InDesign classes must be a full day). Classes can be any subject currently offered by the TPA computer lab. Our preference is two days of training back to back (M-F).

Requirements for Mobile Computer Lab Hosts.

  • Have a large room with tables and chairs for at least 10 people (all facing the front of the room).
  • Organize and promote the event to TPA member newspapers in your general area.

The Mobile Lab consists of:

  • Ten MacOS 10.9.2 Intel MacBooks which dual boot to Windows 7.
  • One Instructor with Intel MacBook Pro (with dual boot) and Projector.

Classes are "first come first served" with only a limited number of days per month.
To schedule a class contact Mike Hodges.