TCEQ releases 2016 recycled newsprint survey

Recycled newsprint made up approximately 42 percent of newsprint purchased by Texas publishers responding to the 2016 recycled newsprint survey, according to the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality’s report released earlier this month.
State law sets the objective for newspaper publishers to meet at least one of two recycling goals as seen in the Texas Health and Safety Code, Sec. 361.430. Nine percent of respondents met this objective, with nine percent also meeting or exceeding both goals, according to Luke Furfey of TCEQ. As a group, responding publishers met the recycled newsprint goal and the post-consumer recycled content goal.
“Since 1995, 40 percent of all newsprint purchased by respondents has been recycled newsprint, totaling to more than 3.17 million tons of recycled newsprint purchased,” the report said.
The full report is available here.