TPA Hotline

TPA Hotline September 2015

Documents are public from the moment they are fixed – in print or digital form

Q: My city is seeking a city manager. The city council narrowed the field from 30 to an unknown number. Interviews are starting next week. Do they have to tell me the names of the final three or four? I know school boards don’t.

Q&A: Sale of public land requires public notice

Q: Without advertising the availability of land for purchase, our county hospital district agreed to sell an adjacent strip of land to an individual. As far as we can tell at this point, it was the buyer who approached the district, not the other way around, and remarkably, a deal was made without public knowledge or consent.

TPA Hotline May 2015

Q&A: EEOC complaints, council nepotism and school board settlements 

Q:  I am hovering at the edges of a potential story that’s brewing at the county courthouse. It has to do with allegations of employment discrimination. Can I get my hands on written complaints that are rumored to exist?

TPA Hotline April 2015

UIL rule prohibits sale of championship event photos

Q:  I am just back from covering the UIL State Championship Basketball Tournament with a card full of photos. I noticed in the press packet that UIL prohibits sale of those photos. Is this a new rule?

A:  I forwarded your question to UIL and received a quick response from Kate Y. Hector, media coordinator, University Interscholastic League. Here is the text of it: 

Open meetings issues pop up again and again

Q: Stop me if you’ve heard this one before. Our superintendent approved a voluntary separation agreement with the school district. TASB was hired to do the search for a replacement with an interim to be appointed by the school board. At a special board meeting, the four controlling members blindsided everybody by naming the existing superintendent as her own interim. 

AG answers question over how much EDC may spend

Q: There is disagreement among members of our EDC about how much they are allowed, as a quasi-governmental entity that serves at the pleasure of the city, to spend on promotional efforts this year, or any fiscal year, for that matter. Can you help me scrape up some authoritative information on this topic? By the way, our EDC is funded by a 4A half-cent sales tax.

Guidelines deal with employees’ personal political activities

Q: To guard a newspaper’s reputation for impartiality, is there not some kind of unspoken “industry understanding” that newspaper employees should follow regarding political activities? I have an opening for a reporter and I want to screen applicants to make sure they can keep their political proclivities to themselves.