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Can someone legally sell plaques of your pages?

Q: A national company has been selling plaques with miniaturized versions of actual newspaper pages. The plaques are marketed to individuals and businesses that have appeared in the newspaper. Is it a violation of copyright law for the company to sell these plaques?

Supreme Court decision puts PIA requestors in stronger position

By JOSEPH R. LARSEN Segwick, LLP The Texas Supreme Court has given requestors significantly greater leverage in dealing with governmental bodies that utilize requests for ruling to the attorney general as a way to delay release of clearly public information. In its opinion in the case of Kallinen v. City of Houston, the court reversed and remanded the First Court of Appeals’ very problematic decision dismissing a case brought by two attorneys who had sought documents in connection with a study on the City of Houston’s red light cameras.

How to handle copyright infringement


Haynes and Boone, LLP

Q: We live and work in a super-competitive environment and that’s why I do my darndest to hire and keep such a talented staff. Their work jumps out and grabs readers and advertisers in every issue. But now and then, we find (or are told about) content produced by our staff in other newspapers, free sheets and in social media. We didn’t put it there, and we didn’t give permission. Any suggestions?