Pulitzer Prizes in Journalism awarded to writers, photographers and newspapers in Texas

1955 - Local Reporting - Edition time 
Mrs. Caro Brown of Alice Daily Echo
For a series of news stories dealing with the successful attack on one-man political rule in neighboring Duval County, written under unusual pressure both of edition time and difficult, even dangerous, circumstances. Mrs. Brown dug into the facts behind the dramatic daily events, as well, and obtained her stories in spite of the bitterest political opposition, showing professional skill and courage.

1955 Local Reporting - No edition time
Roland Kenneth Towery of Cuero Record
For his series of articles exclusively exposing a scandal in the administration of the Veterans' Land Program in Texas. Towery, a 32-year-old World War II veteran, a former prisoner of the Japanese, made these irregularities a state-wide and subsequently a national issue, and stimulated state action to rectify conditions in the land program.

1961 - Public Service
Amarillo Globe-Times
For exposing a breakdown in local law enforcement with resultant punitive action that swept lax officials from their posts and brought about the election of a reform slate. The newspaper thus exerted its civic leadership in the finest tradition of journalism.

1963 - Local Reporting - No edition time
Oscar Griffin, Jr. of Pecos Independent and Enterprise
As editor, Griffin initiated the exposure of the Billie Sol Estes scandal and thereby brought a major fraud on the United States government to national attention with resultant investigation, prosecution and conviction of Estes.

1964 - Photography
Robert H. Jackson of Dallas Times-Herald, for his photograph of the murder of Lee Harvey Oswald by Jack Ruby.

1965 - Local Investigative Specialized Reporting
Gene Goltz of Houston Post
For his expose of government corruption Pasadena, Texas, which resulted in widespread reforms.

1977 - Public Service
Lufkin News
For an obituary of a local man who died in Marine training camp, which grew into an investigation of that death and a fundamental reform in the recruiting and training practices of the United States Marine Corps.

1980 - Feature Photography
Erwin H. Hagler of Dallas Times Herald, for a series on the Western cowboy.

1981 - Spot News Photography
Larry C. Price of Fort Worth Star-Telegram, for his photographs from Liberia.

1982 - Editorial Cartooning
Ben Sargent of Austin American-Statesman

1983 - Feature Photography
James B. Dickman of Dallas Times Herald, for his telling photographs of life and death in El Salvador.

1985 - Public Service
Fort Worth Star-Telegram
For reporting by Mark J. Thompson which revealed that nearly 250 U.S. servicemen had lost their lives as a result of a design problem in helicopters built by Bell Helicopter – a revelation which ultimately led the Army to ground almost 600 Huey helicopters pending their modification.

1988 - Spot News Photography
Scott Shaw of Odessa American, for his photograph of the child Jessica McClure being rescued from the well into which she had fallen.

1989 - Explanatory Journalism
David Hanners, William Snyder, and Karen Blessen of The Dallas Morning News
For their special report on a 1986 airplane crash, the follow-up investigation, and the implications for air safety.

1991 - Feature Photography
William Snyder of The Dallas Morning News, for his photographs of ill and orphaned children living in subhuman conditions in Romania.

1992 - Investigative Reporting
Lorraine Adams and Dan Malone of Dallas Morning News
For reporting that charged Texas police with extensive misconduct and abuses of power.

1993 - Spot News Photography
Ken Geiger and William Snyder of The Dallas Morning News
For their dramatic photographs of the 1992 Summer Olympics in Barcelona.

2004 - Breaking News Photography
David Leeson and Cheryl Diaz Meyer of The Dallas Morning News, for their eloquent photographs depicting both the violence and poignancy of the war with Iraq.

2010 - Editorial Writing
Tod Robberson, Colleen McCain Nelson and William McKenzie of The Dallas Morning News
For their relentless editorials deploring the stark social and economic disparity between the city's better-off northern half and distressed southern half.

2015 - Commentary
Lisa Falkenberg of Houston Chronicle
For vividly-written, groundbreaking columns about grand jury abuses that led to a wrongful conviction and uncovered other egregious problems in the legal and immigration systems.

2020 - Editorial Writing
Jeffery Gerritt of the Palestine Herald Press
For editorials that exposed how pre-trial inmates died horrific deaths in a small Texas county jail—reflecting a rising trend across the state—and courageously took on the local sheriff and judicial establishment, which tried to cover up these needless tragedies.