New book details events in Rockport-Fulton, ground zero for Hurricane Harvey

(ROCKPORT-FULTON, TX) – A book chronicling what happened when Hurricane Harvey first hit the shores of Aransas County, through the storm's first anniversary, has been released by Mike Probst, editor and publisher of The Rockport Pilot, Aransas County's semi-weekly newspaper.
Hurricane Harvey is the second most devastating natural disaster in United States history. The 208-page full color book includes eight select interviews, chronology of events, a list of destroyed or more than 50 percent damaged (non-residential) properties, general facts, the AEP story, three pages of selected quotes, more than 300 color photographs, and much more.
The back half of the book includes every front page of The Pilot, from the Aug. 26, 2017, edition that was never delivered, to the July 28, 2018, edition, 11 months after the storm.
“Putting together this book was very cathartic for me,” said Probst. “As we approached the one-year anniversary, I had a lot of emotions going through me, just like everyone else in Aransas County.”
Every book from the first printing was sold in less than two hours at a book signing held on Harvey’s one-year anniversary.
“The title hit me one day as I thumbed through the pages of another Harvey book published a couple of months after the storm,” said Probst. “The book was quite large, and there was very little in it about Rockport-Fulton.
“I remember thinking there was much more damage in terms of dollars on the upper Texas coast, but ‘Harvey Hit Here.’” 
Harvey destroyed almost 25 percent of all structural value in Aransas County.
“I could have published this book a lot earlier, but it would not have been what I was looking to accomplish,” said Probst. “I put it together thinking about the person who might read it 20 years from now.”
Harvey Hit Here is a book that could not have been produced by anyone other than Probst. The 37-year newspaper veteran has lived and worked in Rockport for 34 years.
“I wrote this book in a way that people can reference it for years to come,” he said.
Harvey Hit Here is available on Amazon for $45.