TPA provides access to training

Texas Press Association has entered an agreement with to co-sponsor the subscription fee for employees of member newspapers to access training sessions on publishing tools. Host Russell Viers invites TPA members to visit the newly revamped training site and “snoop around a bit” to see the new website in the making. The site is a storefront to a growing library of training videos.
Sorted into various series, the episodes are focused on specific tools, features, functions or other topics that allow the viewers to learn quickly, then get back to work.
“We’re trying to keep them shorter than 15 minutes,” Viers said, “but some have to be a little longer...there’s just too much information that needs to be shared.”
Episodes in the launch site are focused on Adobe publishing tools such as Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator, Bridge, Camera Raw, Lightroom and Acrobat. Future plans include adding non-Adobe design tools as well.
“We have some fun series in the works, and a few are live now,” Viers said. “Checkin’ the Mail is one of my favorites, as I get to answer viewers’ questions with a demonstration, just an email or a text. I also enjoy making Digi Bites, which are just short little tips that pop into my head as I’m working.”
TPA is co-sponsoring the service to increase the availability of this training. According to Viers, the Beta site is currently free to users, and there are more than 60 videos online now. The site will continue to be available at no charge until it goes live, at which point viewers will be given the opportunity to contribute in the form of monthly subscription or by paying a set amount.
Members who want to subscribe through TPA should submit email addresses for all employees wanting to view the sessions and the name of the newspaper where they are employed to Mike Hodges at Once entered into the database, each employee will receive an invitation to join and will have access to register on the site directly.
For more information about this new training program, contact Hodges at 512-477-6755 or