TPA members invited to join Pulse America shopping survey

Texas Press Association members have an opportunity to get updated consumer survey statistics for their sales presentations through participation in Pulse Research’s national purchasing survey.

Pulse Research conducts the survey twice each year to compile statistics about consumers’ shopping plans – with results spanning more than 500 business types and more than 1,000 products and services. The current survey is under way through the first week of January.

TPA member newspapers have the opportunity to attract people from their community to participate in the national survey through a link on their websites. There is no charge to participate; however at least a minimum number of local entries is needed for verification. “The larger the sample the more credible the results will be,” Pulse Research President John W. Marling said, adding that  larger survey samples from each newspaper mean more representation for local audiences.

After the survey ends, the participating newspapers will receive the survey results, providing their sales staffs with the most current consumer product and service purchasing statistics for effective sales presentations.

To join the survey effort, TPA members may publish the survey link on their newspapers’ websites, then invite readers and website visitors to participate in the survey by running small house ads directing them to the link.

House ads and website materials are provided by Pulse Research. All promotional materials are available at

For more information, contact Andrew Dove by e-mail at or call 909-647-7295.