Texas Better Newspaper Contest opens Feb. 15

The Texas Better Newspaper Contest online portal opens today, Feb. 15, accepting 2017 contest entries from TPA member newspapers. 
During the entry period, Feb. 15 through March 23, TPA members are invited to submit entries through the Better Newspaper Contest portal, www.texaspress.com/bnc.  Since 2013, Texas Press has worked with SmallTownPapers’ BetterBNC to host the annual contest online. Participating newspapers have found that the online contest has several advantages, including saving time and money. Plus, submitting PDF entries online eliminates problems with print quality and color registration of photos.
The best way to ensure entries are uploaded successfully is not waiting until the last minute. Those who have entered the contest in past years still have active accounts with passwords. Those entering for the first time will be assigned a password with instructions on how to change it after setting up an account. 
Everyone is encouraged to log in or create an account at least two weeks before the deadline to ensure everything goes smoothly. It’s not necessary to upload all entries at one time. Entries may be posted in some categories and saved for more uploads on another day.
The entry deadline is just a few weeks away. All entries must be submitted via the online contest platform at www.texaspress.com/bnc by 5 p.m. Thursday, March 23. BetterBNC will automatically close the contest to entries at deadline. No late entries will be accepted.
For information, contact contest coordinator Candace Velvin by email, cvelvin@texaspress.com or by phone, 512-477-6755 or cell, 512-541-5398.
Judges are still needed for the Louisiana Better Newspaper contest in March. Please contact the TPA office to volunteer. 
Louisiana Press Association members will be judging the Texas contest entries in April.