Press Release: Launches

April 22, 2020
Contact:  Jeff Eller



(Austin) -- Texans can now find the closest bar, restaurant, or hotel that is offering mixed drinks or kits with their next take out order! allows you to enter your location and find establishments near you that are selling liquor by type, i.e. Vodka, Tequila, Whiskey, etc.  It has been created by beverage data company yDrink in Austin, Texas.

 “One of the small joys in our lives is sharing a drink over a great meal at a restaurant or pub. Current restrictions mean we can’t do that.  The good news is restaurants and bars have quickly adapted.  Many of our favorite locations are offering to go mixed-drinks and cocktail kits to enjoy with your next meal at home.” says Yoed Anise, President of yDrink. “We’re all trying to do our part in the current pandemic. We wanted to share with the people of Texas that you can still enjoy a drink from your favorite restaurant, pub, or bar. Most people simply don’t know that! To borrow from a great cartoon, Knowing is Half the Battle.”

“We built this free resource in hopes of helping as many people as possible learn that they can still enjoy while staying safe.  Anise adds, “Please share the site with your friends. We could all use a good drink.”

yDrink has been reporting the Texas beverage alcohol industry for more than 15 years. It offers account level data for outlets in Texas selling spirits with comprehensive shipment and market data for products and their competitive sets.  Always drink responsibly.

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