Press Release: Large scale COVID-19 testing to begin with local healthcare group’s plan (DFW area)

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Contact: Trey Taylor
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Large scale COVID-19 testing to begin with local healthcare group’s plan
With a record rise in cases, one local healthcare group plans to offer rapid on-site testing for businesses and families.

Dallas-Fort Worth—Hilltop Healthcare Group (“HHCG”) rolls out new partnerships with local businesses to offer weekly on-site rapid COVID-19 testing. Combating the meteoric rise in case counts, the locally owned and operated firm has taken a proactive approach for stalwart enterprises refusing to curtail growth.

Not only will HHCG provide testing on-site, but businesses will also be able to utilize their licensed medical professionals weekly to ensure stability and full operational capacity. HHCG founder, Trey Taylor, claims that regular rapid testing for all employees is the turn-key response that enables businesses to return to the next normal and stay there, safely.

“It should be the new standard operating procedure for businesses to give their employees testing solutions,” Taylor said. “It is in the best interests of shareholders that companies act decisively and absorb uncertainty to protect their team, customers, supply chains, and company’s bottom-line.”

HHCG tests in CLIA certified laboratories and their team of licensed medical professionals use industry-leading Becton Dickinson (BD) testing systems. The SMU alum goes on to tout their model as more effective than one-off reactive testing or home testing kits. “With this rapid testing capacity, we’re able to eliminate the uncertainty,” Taylor said. “Our Company is serving a real niche, preserving business operations.”

HHGC is headquartered across from the SMU campus, making it centrally located to serve the entire Dallas market. As the city—the nation’s second-largest business hub touting almost a trillion dollars in total revenue last year—continues to grow at a rapid clip, the metroplex faces unprecedented uncertainty and business risk. 

With vaccine distribution still months away, HHCG looks to provide a bridge of certainty and transparency. “It’s not an option for everyday Americans to take days off. People need to get back to work, knowing there isn’t a risk of exposure.” Taylor comments. “With Thanksgiving, Christmas, and other holiday plans just ahead, testing is what stands between individuals seeing their loved ones and businesses returning to an office setting without disrupting workflow.” 

“As cases continue to grow, we are enabling business owners to protect their employees, customers, supply chains, and financial results,” Taylor concluded.

The Hilltop Healthcare Group begins testing the working public in the DFW metroplex immediately and at a low-cost. Testing capacity will be provided at scale to any commercial or consumer setting. To learn more or schedule a service, visit