Press Release: Barton & Fitz Launches Hand Sanitizer and Touch Tools to Serve Reopening Community During COVID-19 Pandemic

Press Release

Barton & Fitz Launches Hand Sanitizer and Touch Tools to Serve Reopening Community During COVID-19 Pandemic

Austin – May 27, 2020 – Barton & Fitz today announced that it has launched a line of hand sanitizers and touch tools available to the re-opening local community during the COVID-19 pandemic.  Barton & Fitz has ramped up production with plenty of hand sanitizer to serve local consumers, restaurants, bars and any other businesses reopening in the Austin community.  Interested customers can place orders online at

The hand sanitizer is made in accordance with World Health Organization (WHO) guidance and available in a wide range of bottle sizes.  “We are thrilled to be able to redirect employees from one of our other businesses to the production of hand sanitizer during this difficult time,” says Ryan Huddleston, Co-Founder of Barton & Fitz.  “Being able to keep our employees paid while also providing an essential need to the community has been extremely heartening.  We are committed to producing enough hand sanitizer to continue to meet the community’s needs.”  

In addition to hand sanitizer, Barton & Fitz sells touch tools that are uniquely designed to allow people to avoid using their hands to touch doors, keypads, and buttons.  Each tool includes a retractable carabiner for clipping the tool onto belt loops or other areas of clothing. 

Charitable Causes

Barton & Fitz donates ten percent of its sales to various charities, including the Center of Disaster Philanthropy and the Central Texas Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. 

Barton & Fitz is also donating bottles of hand sanitizer to the Bullock Texas State History Museum as the museum reopens to the public and will continue to offer discounted hand sanitizer and touch tools to the museum to provide further support beyond the reopening period. 

About Barton & Fitz

Barton & Fitz is a local Austin micro distillery that pivoted to making hand sanitizer when the federal government authorized distilleries to produce ethanol-based hand sanitizers to address the COVID-19 outbreak.  The company operated on a very small scale up to that point, mainly focusing on research and development, but was able to quickly change direction, redirect employees from another one of its businesses, and boost production of hand sanitizer as the need arose.   

For more information, please contact:

Beth Huddleston


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