Larson joins Atlanta Journal, Cass County Sun as publisher

ATLANTA – The Atlanta Citizens Journal and the Cass County Sun recently welcomed Shawn Larson as editor and publisher.
Larson joined the staff in Atlanta after three years in Bellville, where he was the managing editor for a local newspaper, and had a business managing internet marketing and building websites.
Larson previously served as managing editor of a small newspaper in Hoxie, Kansas, where he said he grew to love the community newspaper industry while developing skills as an editor and manager.
“As someone who has spent years working with the internet, I realize the benefits social media and the web have done for our recent lifestyle; however, it comes with little to no accountability,” he said. 
“The small-town newspaper provides that solid place where a community can find honest, trustworthy news that is investigated beyond hearsay. It is the place where people can experience the heart of a community, covering local activities, school events and sports, and civic life important to that specific area.”