Texas Comptroller's Office Releases Updated Transparency Tool

(AUSTIN) — Texas Comptroller Glenn Hegar announced the release of an updated state revenue and expenditure tool on the agency’s website.
The new visualization tool gives users a daily look into state government finance and allows them to download state financial data for further analysis. Tabular data, charts and graphs can help taxpayers, researchers and policymakers search and explore vast amounts of government information with new perspectives, and easily compare various state agencies’ expenditures.
The tool provides viewing options such as:
Revenues – Explore 25 state revenue categories, and see how funds are allocated by object code, agency and appropriation.
Expenditures – Select and compare 18 different state spending categories to see how the state allocates money to serve its citizens.
Payments to payees – Review individual payments, transaction dates, Comptroller object codes and more.
Travel payments – Break down payments by agency, individual payee, type of travel expense and more.
Economic development – Look at statewide economic development spending by fund, expenditure category and recipient.
The new tool consolidates and replaces two others: Where the Money Comes From and Where the Money Goes.
Click here to check out the information available.