TCEQ extends deadline for recycle newsprint reports to Feb. 28

The deadline for annual recycled newsprint reports has been extended this year to Feb. 28, according to Alex Frame of the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality.
Every year, TCEQ collects data on recycled newsprint. Texas law requires that newspaper publishers submit their reports to the TCEQ.  
More information about the reporting requirement is available in the Texas Health and Safety Code, Section 361.430.
The current survey form is available online for publishers to complete and return to the TCEQ. To report for a single publication, the publisher must complete the survey, then either mail, e-mail or fax it as instructed on the survey form. To report for two or more publications, the publisher who printed the publications is responsible for completing one survey for all of the publications, combining the amounts as explained on the form, then mailing, e-mailing, or faxing the survey.
To access the form and for more information about the program, visit the TCEQ Recycled Newsprint website. (
For more information or assistance completing the survey, contact Frame by phone, 512-239-3109, or by email at