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Lone Star Journalism Writing Contest

The Lone Star Journalism Writing Contest

Co-sponsored by the Texas Press Association and the Interscholastic League Press Conference.

The contest involves a student writing a general interest feature and then publishing the article in the local paper. Cash prizes will be awarded to the winners of the contest. Since UIL Academics does not have an amateur rule, students may participate in this contest as well as participate in UIL journalism (or any academic contest). Students are encouraged to write and submit several general interest features to a local paper. For the contest, each student should send his/her entry to the ILPC office for judging. Entries will be broken down into small school (A-3A) and large school (4A-5A) categories.

First place in each category will receive a $125 cash prize, second place will receive a $100 cash prize and third place will receive a $75 cash prize. Winners will be notified after the Texas Press Association Convention & Trade Show in June.


  1. Article must be published in the local paper. The paper’s editor has the right to edit the story or return it to the student for re-write before publishing it.
  2. Students may enter only one entry.
  3. The story can be any length, but must be considered a general interest feature. It does not have to focus on the school. The feature can be about anything dealing with the community or something that has had some effect on the community. Good feature writing skills are encouraged and expected.
  4. A first, second and third place winner in the small school category and a first, second and third place winner in large school category will receive cash prizes as listed above. 

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