Save Money and Time Buying Newspaper Advertising

To place an ad in two or three hundred newspapers is a daunting task. You have to make hundreds of phone calls for rates and mechanicals; print and mail hundreds of insertion orders; review hundreds of invoices and pay each one.

There is an easier way to buy newspaper advertising!

Texas Press Service (TPS) can execute any newspaper buy no matter how large or small. Just FAX us a list of the newspapers you want to use and we will supply you with a quick quote. When you are ready to proceed, we will reserve space, mail insertion orders and materials, organize tearsheets, pay the newspapers and send you just one invoice. You write just one check!

Save Money:

The best news is you pay the same ad rates as if you placed the entire order yourself. But you save the cost of postage, handling, etc.

What's the catch? There's not one!

Texas Press is a trade association owned by newspapers in Texas. Our advertising service was created to simplify the process of buying newspaper ads. Whether you need to advertise in one or 669 newspapers, TPS is equipped to process the order quickly, accurately and easily. Advertising is placed using national rates and is commissionable to advertising agencies.

Please Call 512-477-6755 or Fax us at 512-477-6759.

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