Public notice ad available for your homepage

doorwaypublicnoticesFinding the massive (and growing) online clearinghouse for public notices just got easier, thanks to an attractive new "doorway" interactive graphic. Click here to view the instructions and download the graphic.
Your newspaper's website visitors need only click the doorway graphic to find the searchable database of public notices — at — that yours and hundreds of other Texas newspapers upload on a daily, weekly or semiweekly basis.
This convenient way for readers to tap into required notices that local and state governmental bodies place can boost readership while providing a powerful augmentation to the classified- and display-style notices that newspapers publish in print. Plus, it's a pleasing and effective way to draw more readers to websites, with very little effort.
Demand for this kind of feature on websites is rooted in an array of current market conditions. First, non-newspaper lobbying organizations, over the last decade, have pushed members and committees of the Texas Legislature to remove printed public notice requirements in state law in favor of placing those notices on governmental bodies' websites, or on private and even out-of-state websites.

Second, as younger lawmakers are elected and take office, the importance of keeping the laws that require that public notices be printed in paid-subscription newspapers requires intensive, repetitive instruction, even though periodically conducted readership studies have shown that print newspaper readers are more likely than non-readers to pay close attention to the acts of state, local and federal governmental bodies, and newspaper readers tend to vote in higher numbers than non-readers.
Third, the newspapers of Texas are traditional, trusted government watchdogs. No other news medium covers your local governmental bodies as thoroughly and consistently as you do. So it's logical for your newspaper to provide the doorway to this clearinghouse of public notices all state and local governmental bodies are required to publish.
By permanently posting the "Your Doorway to Public Notices" clickable link in a prominent spot, readers will be even closer to public notices, both in print and online. For more information, contact the Texas Press Association office, (512) 477-6755.