1890-91 Juan S. Hart El Paso Times



Born July 24, 1856,Juan Siquieros Hart, 11th president, was an El Paso-area native and editor and owner of the El Paso Times for 16 years beginning in 1884. He was remembered as "a fearless writer and an honest, incorruptible newspaperman." He crusaded against lawlessness on both sides of the border.

He retired from newspaper work about 1900 and returned to the mining business. During his career as a mining engineer, he worked in Colorado, New Mexico and Chihuahua, Mexico.

In El Paso, Hart also held the position of city engineer and was a volunteer firefighter, a noted baseball player and a musician, playing trombone in a civic band. He traveled to New York to persuade The Associated Press to string a news wire from Denver to El Paso and was instrumental in getting railroad service to El Paso.

Hart served as a U.S. Army officer in the Spanish-American War.

He died July 15, 1918.