Jenna Bichsel acquires the Claude News from Mustion family

CLAUDE – Jenna Bichsel has acquired the Claude News from Christiana and Jimmy Mustion, who owned and operated the newspaper for the past five years.
Bichsel has been a resident of Claude since 1990 and graduated high school there. She has experience working with the newspaper. She and her husband, Ben, have three children.
Bichsel studied journalism, English and graphic design in college and has taught English at the elementary and middle school levels.
Claude city and economic development officials expressed appreciation to the Mustion family for their work with the newspaper over the past five years and expressed optimism for the newspaper’s future.
“As Mayor, I am pleased the future of The Claude News is bright, and the next generation will be able to enjoy all it means to Claude,” Joe Minkley said. 
“I am also thankful to the Mustion family for all they have meant to Claude and wish them well in their new adventures.”
Among the changes Bichsel announced are a graphic redesign from tabloid to broadsheet and the addition of an e-edition for digital subscribers.
“I also want to continue some of the great things that are already happening with the newspaper,” said Bichsel. “I will continue to work with student writers and include the traditional features of the paper, such as letters to Santa, senior spotlight and others.”
The Claude Economic Development Corporation contributed to help Bichsel purchase the newspaper. 
“The increasing sales tax dollars make it possible for the EDC to support projects and business growth and expansion. The Claude News is a historical landmark, having been established in 1890. The EDC felt The Claude News’ importance to the community and county warranted financial support to help its new owner get a start,” EDC Chairman Rachel Myers said, adding that Bichsel “has the talent and energy to make The Claude News a vibrant, sustainable business and a long-term asset to our community.”
The new owner took over Oct. 1 and changes were announced at a re-opening reception in the Claude News office.