Covid-19 Impact shopping survey available from Pulse

Pulse is launching a free Covid-19 Impact shopping survey, sales consultant and trainer Sammy Papert of Wormhole, LLC, announced.
Papert said the survey was created in support of newspapers, their sales teams and the local businesses they serve.
As a result of the Covid-19 pandemic, "many businesses will consider reducing or stopping advertising with the assumption that there is 'no business,'" Papert said. "For restaurants, that might be partially true, but for many business categories, there might be more business. More than ever your local businesses look to their community newspaper and ad reps for support and information about consumer shopping intentions."
Similar to the annual national shopping survey that provides market data, the Pulse Covid-19 Impact shopping survey questions will focus on selective business categories, products and services that are either the most important like "automotive" or have the best advertising opportunity today like "financial advisors," according to Papert. "We will ask about shopping plans over the next 90 days so the information will be actionable and useful," he said. 
Papert added that Pulse will provide participating newspapers with the "how-to steps" along with promotion materials for print, digital, email and social media. The survey will be online and the survey URL will be promoted in participating newspapers' print editions and on their websites.
"There will be no charge for the survey or putting the new shopping data into your Pulse Sales Tools," Papert said. "Your ad reps will have the option of creating presentations with the new or original data."
Promotion ads will be sent out to participating newspapers starting on Monday, March 23, with newspapers encouraged to begin promotions on Tuesday, March 24.
"With consistent and aggressive promotion, we estimate about a two week sample collection period," Papert said. "Many people are sheltering-in-place and potentially have more time to do a survey."
Pulse will hold ongoing training webinars to support sales teams, offering best practices on who to target along with how to address advertiser cancelations, how to use the new research, and other relevant topics.
"We will provide targeted (Covid-19 relevant) business guidance within the Pulse Sales Tool," Papert said. "Pulse will also help you and your team be more effective while working from home using the mobile, email, and live online engagement of the flyer and the one-page presentations with your local businesses."
To participate in the survey, contact Sammy Papert, (214) 505-6420, or