2010 Better Newspaper Contest — Headline Writing


Division 2 Dailies 7,000 to 99,999

1. Lubbock Avalanche-Journal — Character Builder: Good hammer, with impact and clever use of phrase. Difficult Fix: “Loyal Pain” is a nice turn of phrase. Goodbye, Red Brick Road: Also puts nice twist on phrase and fits story well.
2. Kerrville Daily Times — Swine Flu: Works better as an art element than a headline, but it is informative and impactful. Snake Savvy: Works as both a head and graphic element (other good heads on page as well). Godzilla Tales from the Hood: Induces a chuckle. Clever head for fun story.
3. Victoria Advocate — What Should Yield: Gets point across, plays well off the photo. The Lighthouse: Clever turn of phrase, part of nice centerpiece design. Chicken Plucked: Not too original. Fun story calls for fun head.
4. Facts, Clute — It Takes Guts: Makes reader take notice. Unchained Maladies: Clever turn of phrase. Escaping Ike: Clever phrasing but not sure how well it fits story (and great story, by the way).

Division 3 Dailies Less Than 7,000

1. River Cities Tribune — Melted Dreams: Cute! Asking for a Raze: Perfect! Hail of a Storm: Wow!
2. San Marcos Daily Record — City Writing on the Wall: Combination of headlines and subheads work well on all three. Dry Dusty: Says it all. No Green Blues: Clever.
3. Taylor Daily Press — Officer Jungle Gym: Appropos. Birds Are Back: Liked lead-in. City Refuses Excessive Refuse: Nice play on words.
4. Ennis Daily News — Kelly Manor Keeps: Sums it all up. Who’s King of Jungle: Gets point across. EJHS: A little trite but still cute.

Division 4 Semiweeklies 4,001 or More

1. Williamson County Sun — Big Finn-ish: Super! Georgetown Couple Beats ID-ocracy: Clever. Police Scanners Are Over and Out: 10-4!
2. Burleson Star — Sew Much Time: Not the best of your entries. Propable Cause: Better. Timber Tantrum: Best. All are great!
3. Wise County Messenger — That’s All Folks: Great! Love the subhead. Thou Shalt Not Steal: Perfect! Early Flight: Good.
4. El Campo Leader-News — Students Understand: Nice. Supporters Shell Out: Great job. Lid May Be Closed: Just great.

Division 5 Semiweeklies 4,000 or Less

1. Canyon News — City Commissioners Take Swing at Golf Course Rules: Nice to add levity to a commission story. A Burning Desire: Very good! Woman of Faith Races to Help: Again, well done.
2. Sealy News — Sky’s the Limit: Strong. Love of Bearded Dragons: Again, very nice. Scout’s Honor: Great! Great copywriters/editors/reporters—whoever writes these!
3. Breckenridge American — A Win Nguyen Situation: Great! Swine Flu Who: No comment from judge. BPD Folds Up Laundry Burglar: Very nice.
4. Center Light and Champion — Car Drives Thru, Leaving a Bitter Taste, Residents Talk Trash: Very good work!

Division 6 Large Weeklies

1. Rockdale Reporter — Stalking History in Corn Field: Compelling. Jirasek Parks Tigers in Regionals: Been waiting to use that one? Big Blue Squeegees Marlin: Great!
2. Wilson County News — Bones Spook Workers: Good eye-catcher. Pee-Wee Champion Rides Tall in Saddle: No comment from judge. Barber No Stranger to Close Shaves: Great!
3. Colorado County Citizen — Tea’d Off in Columbus: Chuckle. Stop Wasting My Money: no comment by judge. Scat Cat: Great!
4. Wylie News — City Filters Ban on Tobacco: Nice. Pennies Provide Pooch Protection: No comment from judge. Ag Students Get Swine Blue: No comment from judge.

Division 7 Medium Large Weeklies

1. Frio-Nueces Current — Chicken Carcasses and Cash: Wow. How could they not read this one. Dope in Her Bra: You squeezed a lot into this head! Freight Truck Smash: You should work for Drudge.
2. Smithville Times — Bond. Bail Bond: Well done, 007. The Pew. The Proud. The Bench Boys: Best in this entry. Pretty in Pictures: Not bad. Why didn’t the newspaper do this book?
3. Hamilton Herald-News — Pork Choppers: This is why you placed. Great! Paschal’s Pickled Peppers: Better than boring, but there’s such a thing as too much alliteration. Zebras Say Neigh: Do Zebras neigh?
4. Medina Valley Times — Apples for Students: This is your best entry. Hondo’s House Divides on Recall: Not flashy, but biblical reference gets point across. Drought Losses Ripple: Matches photo well.

Division 8 Medium Weeklies

1. Refugio County Press — Bobcats Bust Brahmas in Boo-Boo Burdened Battle: Never seen alliteration taken to this level. Clever, accurate and fun. Cats Lick Bulldogs: No comment from judge. Cats Claw Canines: No comment from judge.
2. Community News — Water Rates Flowing Uphill: No comment from judge. No Place Like Om: Clever. Four Grams of Bird: I had to read the story because of the headline. Good job!
3. Hill Country Community Journal — Court Adjourned: No comment from judge. Looking for a Kink: Clever play on name. Prescription for Dissent: No comment from judge.
4. Bandera County Courier — Busted Flat in Lakehills: Consistently writes headlines that make the reader go further into the story. Double Whammy: No comment from judge. Do Newly Hired Jailers Pass Infamous Smell Test: No comment from judge.

Division 9 Small Medium Weeklies

1. Gladewater Mirror — Shooting Buzzards Won’t Fly: Great, clever summation of story. It’s About Dam Time: Makes you look! There Arose Such a Clatter: Works well with photo!
2. Llano County Journal — Toddler Home: Sums it up well. Purple Pedicures: Makes you look. Llano Woman Gets Second Wind: Good way to put it!
3. Albany News — Hunting Season Starts With Bang: Yes it did. Bite Back Holiday Eating: Well put. Lake Couple Collects Real Thing: My favorite.
4. Sachse News — Local Haunts Serve Up Scares: Good Halloween header. Owls Own Night: Good play on mascot. Performing Arts Take Center Stage: Well done.

Division 10 Small Weeklies

1. Keene Star — Little Punch on Hot Day: Very appropriate. Not a Good Sign: Laughing at this one. Capitalizing on the Opportunity: Clever.
2. Everman Star — Council Tables Tables Tables: Very creative and accurate! Guns and Hoses: Nice. Call for Arms: Very nice.
3. Lindsay Letter — Family Court: Accurate and pun-filled. Classic Car Takes Joy Ride: Story is told right there. Passion and Payne: Payne—I get it!
4. Murphy Monitor — Energy Demonstration: Clever. International Flavors: Very clever. School Boundary: Very, very clever.