2007 Better Newspaper Contest — Sports Photo


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Division 4, Semiweeklies
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Sports Photo

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Division 2 Large Dailies

1. Midland Reporter-Telegram - "Softball" by Kris J. Murante. Great pic! "Football" by Alec Richards. What I like best is #20 raising his hands signaling a touchdown - a pic within a pic.

2. The Monitor, McAllen - "Rodeo" by John Wayne Liston.  Great capture of action. It shows the skill needed and the violent uncertainty. "Hockey" by Nathan Lambrecht. Hockey is a great sport and you captured the intensity of it.

3. The Courier, Conroe - By Jerry Baker. "Baseball" Good capture of action. Bonus that they are both expressive. "Soccer" I once received six stitches as a result of a similar play. Good image.

4. The Facts, Clute - By Dan Dalstra. "Football" Excellent photos. Got it at just the right moment. "State swim meet" Good creativity.

Division 3 Small Dailies

1. Taylor Daily Press - By Jeremy Weber. "High jump" This pic has everything. Clarity, action, suspense. Hope she almost seems to be praying as she clears the bar. "Baseball" Another great pic. Again the emotion is captured as well. Very well done!

2. Brownwood Bulletin - By Dennis Stuckly. "Baseball" Great action shot at the plate. "Shotput" This is a good pic because of his expression, not because of his action.

3. River Cities Daily Tribune, Marble Falls - By Daniel Clifton. "Volleyball" Good action. "Katie's joy" The picture says it all, which is what you want.

4. Waxahachie Daily Light - By Neal White. "Tale of two halves" Very effective use of color and it fits as a 3/4 of page pic. "Football" Good clarity. Excellent pic.

Division 4 Large Semiweeklies

1. The Bowie News - By Matt Kelton. "Softball" Love the way this was blown up. Good action, good expressions. "Pole vault" Everything about this pic is excellent. Nicely done!

2. Wise County Messenger - By Joe Duty. "Softball" Very strong pic. It captures everything. "Football" Another good pic.

3. Williamson County Sun - "Baseball lighting" by Patric Schneider. Timing is everything. Good job. "Baseball slide" by Karl Anderson. Nice frame. More effective as a big pic.

4. Levelland & Hockley County News Press - By Mitch Word. "Football" No comment. "Basketball" Great capture!

Division 5 Small Semiweeklies

1. The Monitor, Mabank - By Kerry Yancey. "Baseball" Excellent sequence. "High jump" This picture is effective because of the people watching. Great shot!

2. Breckenridge American - By Rob Durham. "Baseball" Great action. "High jump" Another high quality photo.

3. Copperas Cove Leader Press - By Larry Hauk. "Football within" Not every pic makes a good full page shot. This one does. "Football Brad" Good action.

4. Andrews County News - "Baseball defeat" by Rudy Diaz. No caption necessary. Good pic. "Baseball slide" by Dave Redwine. Nice capture.

Division 6 Large Weeklies

1. Hondo Anvil Herald - "Football" by Jeff Berger. No comment. "Basketball" by Sue Lynn Buckley. Great timing. Nice job capturing action, which is centered perfectly in photo.

2. Duncanville Today - "Softball" by Chris Hudson. Unique photo, which has a lot going on. Heels above head make this shot. "Basketball" by David Goodspeed. No comment.

3. Mineola Monitor - By Gary Edwards. "Coach" No comment. "Football" Defender pulling on shirt creates one-of-a-kind dynamic.

4. The Examiner, Navasota - By Dave Lewis. "Baseball" No comment. "Shotput" Good action and great timing. The fact that the photo is a year old makes it a bit cushy, however.

Division 7 Medium Large Weeklies

1. Westlake Picayune - By Katie Kraus. "Soccer" Great timing. Clear photo with good emotion. "Tennis" Very solid shot with great angle. Timing of release of racquet makes the shot.

2. Floresville Chronicle-Journal - By Thomas L. Brossart. "Basketball" Great emotion on player's face. "Little League" Solid focus point and timing.

3. Frio Nueces Current - "Baseball" by Manuel Azocar III. Very good play on the page. Dust creates terrific movement. "Football" by Joe McMillian. Good focus and crop.

4. The Cameron Herald - "Basketball" by Kevin Posival. Decent shot, but not particularly unique. "Football" by Jerry Bethell. Great action and timing.

Division 8 Medium Weeklies

1. The Springtown Epigraph - By Paula Campbell. "Football" Tremendous timing and action. Unique opportunity that doesn't occur very often. Great job. "Basketball" Great action and expression.

2. Iowa Park Leader - By Kevin Hamilton. "Tennis" Good display on page. Photo reveals photographer knows what he's doing. "Track" Creative, creative shot. Very well done.

3. Pilot Point Post-Signal - By Richard Greene. "Basketball" Unique photo. Reader is drawn to the player's nose. "Tennis" Good expression on player's face.

4. Farmersville Times - By Victor Tapia. "Baseball" Really good timing. Nice display on page. "Softball" Good action and expression. Cutline seems too long.

Division 9 Small Medium Weeklies

1. Hill Country Community Journal, Kerrville - By Stuart Cunyus. "Powder puff" Great action and expression. Uniqueness of event makes this a very attractive photo. "Football" Good action and great timing.

2. Crowley Star - By Tom Beesley. "Softball" Really good action. "High jump" Expression and contortion of body make this photo unique.

3. Eldorado Success - By J.L. Mankin. "High jump" Good action. Solid play on page. "Baseball" Unique idea. Good execution of backlighting.

4. Malakoff News - By Jennifer Stone-Hannigan, "Softball" Good action and expression. "High jump" Good timing on photo.

Division 10 Small Weeklies

1. Sachse News - "Football" by Steve Colwill. Excellent action photo showing true struggle of the game. Looks more like a hit than a shrug to me. "Baseball" by Greg Ford. Great action. Looks like he's about to make a submarine pitch than side arm. Terrific example of the pitches dominant and tough role in the game.

2. Keene Star - By Paul Gnadt. "Track" Wonderful shot showing the expansion of competition. "Basketball" Great action shot.

3. Alvarado Star - By Michael Rayburn. "Football" Good action. "Basketball" Good action shot. Unusual angle.

4. Princeton Herald - By Victor Tapia. "Basketball" Good action shot. "Softball" Great action shot. Cutline could have been better. She does attempt to scoop the ball but it appears to be bouncing out of the glove.