2005 Better Newspaper Contest — Advertising


Division 2, Dailies
Division 3, Dailies
Division 4, Semiweeklies
Division 5, Semiweeklies
Division 6, Weeklies
Division 7, Weeklies
Division 8, Weeklies
Division 9, Weeklies
Division 10, Weeklies


Division 2 Dailies 7,000 or More

1. The Paris News - "Kimberly-Clark" Outstanding use of graphics. "Quintana Honda" Great layout and design. "Campbell Soup" Very eye-catching graphics and typography.

2. Herald Zeitung, New Braunfels - "Advanced Medical Cosmetics" Great use of color. Eye-catching. "New Braunfels Stone Supply" Attractive layout and design. "Welcome to New Braunfels" Graphics entice readership.

3. The Beaumont Enterprise - "Bryan's 797" Excellent use of graphics. "Hilton Beaumont" Well balanced, draws reader interest. "Tyrrell Park Stables" Good use of typogaphy.

4. Odessa American - "Metro Equipment" Good use of typography. "Midessa Motorcycle" Artwork is outstanding. "Odessa American Special Edition" Use of artwork creates excellent readership.

Division 3 Dailies Less Than 7,000

1. Taylor Daily Press - "Teichelman Enterprises" Great art and layout, good type. "Patschke & Patschke Real Estate" Good use of color. Excellent photo choice. Great layout. "Citizens National Bank" Unusual screening, great text, excellent photo.

2. San Marcos Daily Record - "Quail Creek Country Club" Good color and design and type. Like the left rail. "Dermatology & Skin Laser Center" Nice art. "Dermatology & Skin Laser Center 2" Nice art and design.

3. Athens Daily Review - "House ad" Excellent use of space & design. "Elliott Chevrolet" Creative for the usual mundane auto ad! Good use of black and white. "Action Powersports" Interesting space overlap and background.

4. Terrell Tribune - "House ad" Very original, clean. "Open Imaging of Greenville" Good use of artwork and placement. "Discount Beauty" Nice design, good use of type.

Division 4 Semiweeklies 4,0001 or More

1. Wise County Messenger - "Wise Regional Health System" Wonderful use of graphics. "House ad" Great idea for self promotion! "Fit-n-Wise" Great color and design.

2. Hood County News - "Van Griffith Kia" Great use of color, easy to read. "Mi Familia Mexican Restaurant" Good layout, lots of white space. "Business Expo 2004" Eye-catching graphics, draws reader attention.

3. The Graham Leader - "Buchanan Building Supply" Good use of small space. "Mark's Gallery" Eye-catching, easy to read. "Burgers & Billiards" Great use of graphics to create readership.

4. Round Rock Leader - "Silk Cocoon" Tastefully designed black and white small space ad. "Round Rock Express" Lots of white space, easy to read! " Krav Maga" Eye-catching photos create readership.

Division 5 Semiweeklies 4,000 or Less

1. Brownfield News - "First National Bank" Great layout, color and design! "BRMC" Beautiful black and white. Excellent use of space! "Greenlight Lawn & Weed" Perfect headline, great art and design for small ad!

2. The Light & Champion, Center - "Jordan Health Services" Compelling art and color! "Lovington Lumber & Construction" Clean & nice use of space. "Deep East Texas Electric Co." Great color and design.

3. The Sealy News - "Sealy Tegeler Ford" No comment. "One Aggie Lost" Excellent art and design bold, compelling and emotional. "Allen Samuels Dodge" Nice clean ad for auto! Simple and smart.

4. Lampasas Dispatch Record - "Kempner Brick Oven" Nice oven art! "Benny Boyd" Interesting use of color and design, different, good! "The Print Shop" Nice heading!

Division 6 Large Weeklies

1. Park Cities People, Dallas - "Avon Cleaners" Excellent use of white space to make the copy really stand out. "Ylang Ylang" Good use of white space mixes with full color. Great headline and subhead use. "Adleta Fine Properties" Lots of color and excitement. Good way to showcase homes.

2. Fredericksburg Standard Radio Post - "Gillespie County Fair" Love the poster effect. Very attractive and got my attention. "B&N Artwear" Colorful and attention-getting photos. "Johnson Newman" Good use of angled placement of copy to draw attention.

3. Duncanville Today - "Panthers '04" Good use of color and photos to show the excitement. Good use of color to brighten up a group ad. "Who's Who" What a great idea - Monopoly game theme is attention-getting and clever. "Caves Jewelry" Great ad, draws your eye through ad from top to bottom.

4. The Cameron Herald - "City of Cameron" Very original way to tell about taxes. Great use of photos. Could have used color. "LSM Jewelry & Gifts" Great use of a photo and original copy. Small but dominant ad. "Project HELP" Good use of dominant photo. Invited my eye to read.

Division 7 Medium Large Weeklies

1. Clay County Leader - "Four Star Auto Ranch" Great use of graphics. "Elect Kenny Lemons" Great graphics. Great color. Eye-catching! "First National Bank" Excellent design. Creates readership.

2. The Free Press, Buda - "Red Simon" Eye-catching! Commands reader attention. "Lone Star Propane" Great graphics. Excellent color. "Texas Almanac" Good design. Good use of color.

3. DeSoto Today - "Upstairs Pilates" Attention grabber! Great use of space, considering size of ad. "Quest Asset" Great use of graphics. Easy to read! "DeSoto Eagles" Very colorful ad. Commands attention.

4. Lake Travis View, Lakeway - "Russ Eitel" Great color reproduction. Excellent use of space. "Fall Open House" Ad has great reader appeal, good typography. "Austin Real Estate Center" Good color reproduction, well-balanced layout.

Division 8 Medium Weeklies

1. Lancaster Today - "Duramar Venus" Superb photo, color and design. Outstanding for a small ad! "Southwest Speech and Hearing" Beautiful art and color! Super ad, bright and compelling. "Who's Who in Real Estate" Clean layout, good color, upscaled classy.

2. Farmersville Times - "First Bank" Nice clean, good fonts, great design. "Farmersville Rotary Club" Super auto ad, unusually clean, clear white space! "Classic Gardens" Great simple design pops off the page!

3. Rockwall County News - "Lakeside Chevrolet" No comment. "Old Town Shoppers" No comment. "House ad" Best ad I've seen today! Wins the category on this ad alone! Would have been first place if it had not been grouped with other two marginal ads!!

4. The Smithville Times - "Bastrop Medical Center" This ad, creative and original, took fourth place on its own! "Smithville Regional Hospital" No comment. "First National Bank" No comment.

(This category had a lot of wonderful individual ads. The groupings were poor! Ads with great characterhad to be overlooked because of being coupled with mediocre work!)

Division 9 Small Medium Weeklies

1. Lexington Leader - "Texas News Center" Great ad. Color is strong, great use of white space. Registration is right on too! Great job! "Clinic Pharmacy" Great use of photo. Love the technique of color only on the figure while background is grayed out! Nice job. "Alcoa" Just goes to prove that the power of one great photo can do so much. Awesome photo!!!

2. Leonard Graphic - "Freedom Fireworks" Very festive. Color usage is strong. Impact with Uncle Sam works well. "United Methodist Church" Great bleaching technique to allow text to show. Awesome group shot. That is a task alone. Great use of space. "House ad" Great ad ... and it should be. When it is your own, they need to be strong. Great job.

3. The Clarendon Enterprise - "Snider Landscaping" Fun, clean ad. Careful text layout that really works well. Truly, this ad proves that white space works. Wonderful with strong graphic! "Great Plains Western Church" Fabulous graphics of hat and boots, sized perfectly. The font for "cowboy concert" is outstanding and immediately makes it as graphic weight! Awesome. "Harvest Festival" Heading is strong graphically. Again, nice usage of space.

4. Ozona Stockman - "Ozona National Bank" Great use of border to work with the ad, but not overpower. Great white space. Ad breathes well. "Ozona National Bank 2" Great cropped photo. Nice, clean typography treatment. Clean and airy. "Meet the Lions" Fun ad that shows off the students. Choice of fonts gets too busy though. Watch the weights.

Division 10 Small Weeklies

1. The Morton Tribune - "House ad" Good ad, could have used color. "Future Farmers" Loved the photos, great color. "TABC" Very attention getting. Photo tells the whole story.

2. Princeton Herald - "Collin Park" Nice use of color art. Very attention-getting. "GF Garland Furniture" Great color photos. "Princeton Pharmacy" Great ad, good use of white space and color.

3. Olton Enterprise - "Valley Ag Electric" Good art. Loved the naughty and nice original concept. "Valley Ag Electric 2" Pretty photos, emphasized the "around the clock" service. "5x Ag Insurance" Good use of photo to dominate ad.

4. The Eldorado Success - "Re-elect David Doran" OK ad, heavy on copy. "House ad" Great art caught my attention. "First National Bank" This ad made me smile. Great photo!