1941-42 David M. Warren Panhandle Herald



Dave Warren, 64th president, purchased the Panhandle Herald in 1926 with J. Lindsey Nunn.

Warren was born in South Greenfield, Mo., on July 19, 1894. He worked his way through the University of Missouri School of Journalism.

In 1918 he joined the Amarillo News. From 1926-36 he was president and general manager of Panhandle Publishing Co. Inc., publishers of the Borger Daily Herald, Panhandle Herald, Spearman Reporter, Hutchison County Herald and other Panhandle dailies and weeklies.

In 1927 the holdings were incorporated as Nunn-Warren Publishing Co. Inc. The company later acquired several New Mexico newspapers, all dailies.

In fall 1931 Nunn took the New Mexico newspapers and Warren the Texas publications, although the Nunn-Warren corporation was not dissolved until 1932. Warren sold some of the newspapers in his Texas Panhandle Publishing Co. Inc., and secured the controlling interest in the Panhandle State Bank at Borger.

Warren married Alvah D. Meyer on Oct. 2, 1923. They had two sons.

He was president of Panhandle Press Association in 1934-35.