1936-37 H.H. Jackson Coleman Democrat Voice



H.H. “Jack” Jackson was elected the 59th president of Texas Press Association at the June 1939 convention.

Jackson was born Dec. 7, 1885, and was raised in the newspaper business at Clyde, Ohio. He attended Kenyon Military Academy in Gambier, Ohio. In 1906 he worked on the Panama Canal for the U.S. Posts, Customs and Revenues and there met Aimee Moore, whom he married in 1909. Their two children were born in Ancon, Canal Zone, Panama. In 1914 Jackson brought his family back to the States where he purchased the Sebring (Ohio) Times.

Climate and health reasons prompted Jackson to Texas in 1915 when he bought the Coleman Democrat-Voice. At Coleman he also had an interest in radio station KSTA. He retired in 1944 and died June 7, 1963.