1913-14 J.J. Taylor Dallas Morning News



Joseph J. Taylor, 35th president, was born at Wilson, N.C., July 13, 1869. He moved to Clarksville in 1883.

Tiring of working in a country store on Red River, he accepted a chance to go into the newspaper business at Clarksville. He was offered a half interest in the Clarksville Times on credit by the sole owner S.B. Stanley. Needing no money for this venture he closed the deal and began his journalistic career in 1892.

He eventually became sole owner. In 1903, he organized the Clarksville paper into a corporation, retaining the controlling interest.

In 1904 he moved to Dallas where he was Sunday editor of the Dallas News and in 1908 state press editor.

In 1897 he married Maggie Lamb. They had two sons.