1904-05 Sidney J. Thomas Comanche Chief



Sidney J. Thomas, 26th president, was born Sept. 23, 1868, in Edom. In 1883 and 1884 he attended Summer Hill Select School near Tyler and then Southwestern University at Georgetown, where he graduated in 1888.

He taught at the Texas School for the Deaf in Austin for two years. When he was 21 he took the bar examination, got his license and moved to Comanche where he was the junior member of the firm Lindsey, Goodson and Thomas.

In March 1892 he married Ellen S. Sellers. They had two sons.

In November he was elected county attorney of Comanche County, where he practiced until 1896 when he purchased the Comanche Chief and became a newspaperman.

Thomas moved to Austin in January 1911 to devote the remainder of his life to writing. completed three books, “In a Sense Abroad,” “Six and One Abroad” and “Scrap Book". He died from an operation for appendicitis May 7, 1913.