1895-96 W.A. Adair Marshall Messenger



W.A. Adair, 16th president, was born in Marshall on Sept. 6, 1857. He entered newspapers in 1884 as owner, devil, reporter and editor of the Marshall Reporter. Adair joined Texas Press Association in 1885.

James S. Hogg, a newspaperman who became governor of Texas, moved the plant to Longview a short time later. Adair assisted Hogg in packing the newspaper plant for shipment. Later Adair purchased the Marshall Messenger.

He served as mayor of Marshall from 1892 to 1902. He was listed as a "critic" in the Marshall Opera House entry in Julius Cahn's Official Theatrical Guide, 1906-07 edition.

Adair married Hattie Lee Colmery June 20, 1894, and they had two children.