Press Release: Texas Municipal Police Association Launches To Combat Destructive Misinformation

January 11, 2020

Texas Municipal Police Association Launches To Combat Destructive Misinformation
Microsite will support legislative platform to protect public safety in the 87th Legislative Session

AUSTIN, TX – The Texas Municipal Police Association (TMPA), the Voice of Texas Law Enforcement, is preparing for the most significant public safety legislative session in the history of our state. Legislation has already been filed that considers use of force, putting the Austin Police Department under state control and police funding and training requirements among other issues. In preparation, TMPA has launched as a resource for clear, concise and cited information about law enforcement in Texas. The website, part of TMPA’s broader initiative to serve as the Voice of Texas Law Enforcement, is designed to ensure that facts are the foundation for conversation on law enforcement in Texas.

Over the past six months, there has been a dramatic increase in the circulation of false and misleading information around peace officers and their work in Texas and across the country. As the public conversation on police reform continues and the Texas Legislature convenes, factual information will be paramount to creating sound policy. will serve not only as a resource to debunk myths and inaccuracies regarding Texas peace officers, but also to share research and resources regarding law enforcement in the state.

“TexasPoliceFacts is an opportunity for TMPA to guide an educated conversation about police reform,” said Kevin Lawrence, Executive Director for TMPA. “Texas peace officers are deeply committed to serving their communities, and we at TMPA want to ensure that when these important conversations are happening, they include facts and research, not just conjecture.”

Including cited facts covering a wide range of topics, a resource library of research and relevant news, and a glossary of important and often misunderstood law enforcement terms, the site is designed to provide easy access to a wealth of resources and information for legislators, the public and interested media.

“Improving the professionalism of Texas law enforcement is our core mission.  As such, we are vehemently opposed to knee-jerk legislation based on rhetoric and baseless claims.  We will advocate for good, common-sense public policy,” said Travis Hammond, TMPA First Vice President and Irving Police Department Sergeant. 

TMPA is the Voice of Texas Law Enforcement, representing more than 30,000 peace officers around the state. The responsibility attached to that title means participating in discussions like the current one on police reform and ensuring that facts are the basis for conversation and legislation.


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About TMPA: The Texas Municipal Police Association (TMPA) is the Voice of Texas Law Enforcement. TMPA was founded in 1950 and has protected the interests of law enforcement officers ever since. As the largest law enforcement association in Texas, TMPA is proud to represent more than 30,000 local, county and state law enforcement officers across Texas.