Free Speech Week starts today

Free Speech Week (FSW) begins today, Oct. 22, and runs through Sunday, Oct. 28. Media organizations, schools, universities, and community groups around the country will promote free speech and freedom of the press in their own ways throughout the week.
Free Speech Week is a non-partisan, non-political, week-long commemorative event, now in its 14th year. The week seeks to enhance awareness of free speech and a free press in the United States among all age groups and walks of life.
The goal of FSW is to celebrate First Amendment rights, rather than advocate any political viewpoint or ideological agenda. It is intended to be a unifying celebration for all Americans at a time when speech has often been used as a divisive force.
Media trade associations, journalism groups, and media outlets are participating as “Partnering Organizations,” displaying the FSW logo on their websites and publicizing the week. Groups are invited to join the celebration as a partner on the FSW website, There is no registration fee.
Colleges and universities across the country are participating as “Educational Partners,” giving students and professors an opportunity to discuss the meaning of free speech at a time when that freedom has come under increasing attack on many campuses.
For more information, follow FSW on Twitter @Freespeechweek, join the discussion on FSW’s Facebook Page, and find the latest information and ideas for celebrating on the FSW website,