NAA: DOL's Overtime Rules will Unintentionally Harm Employees

By David Chavern, president & CEO, NAA

In June, the Department of Labor (DOL) proposed increasing the salaries test used to determine if an employee is eligible for overtime from the current threshold of $23,660 to $50,440 annually. This means that employees – such as managers, supervisors and other professionals who are exempt under the Federal Labor Standards Act – would need their annual salaries elevated to $50,440 or be treated as hourly employees that are eligible for overtime. 

Headliners Foundation announces Showcase winners


(April 6, 2016) —The Headliners Foundation of Texas today announced that the Houston Chronicle’s Brian Rosenthal is the winner of the Foundation’s 2015 Showcase Gold Award for Enterprise and Innovation in Journalism for his series, "How Texas Officials Use Your Money To Help Their Friends."

NAA: 'Digital ad inventory is not even close to infinite' - Digiday

One of the great – and completely misguided – tropes of the digital age is that “digital ad inventory is infinite.” The thinking goes that ad inventory in more traditional media is limited by physical space (print) or time (TV and radio), and that this scarcity supports ad values. The Internet, in contrast, has vast and undefined borders – and thus the supply of ad inventory is “infinite.” Infinite supply means that value of digital advertising eventually gets driven to zero, or close to it.

Ten Commandments for Open Meetings |

Consider the following list our Fourth Estate counsel to county commissions, city councils, and school boards everywhere on executive sessions and general government openness. Citizens should hold their elected officials to the standards below. These are Ten Commandments for Open Meetings:

ONE: Do not gather as a quorum outside of regular meetings, and do not hold special meetings without giving at least 24 hours public notice.

For Trio Of Legacy Media CEOs, Digital Is Way Forward |

The CEOs of  GateHouse Media, Townsquare Media and The Dallas Morning News framed out their companies’ respective futures at Borrell Associates’ conference on Tuesday, and digital was the cornerstone common denominator. A look at how Kirk Davis, Steven Price and Jim Moroney see digital diversification as fundamental to their long-term strategies.   

Source: For Trio Of Legacy Media CEOs, Digital Is Way Forward |