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January 13, 2016

In 2015, I visited a lot of successful papers

By Kevin Slimp
Software Review

I’ve been training and advising newspapers for 21 years, ever since Larry Smith asked me to come look over his operation in LaFollette, TN, in 1994. I worked with more than 100 papers in my travels this year, not counting the thousands of papers that attended conferences and training events I’ve led.

Can someone legally sell plaques of your pages?

Q: A national company has been selling plaques with miniaturized versions of actual newspaper pages. The plaques are marketed to individuals and businesses that have appeared in the newspaper. Is it a violation of copyright law for the company to sell these plaques?

Say ‘I do’ to the creative process

Advertising is a business that is fueled by creativity. Once you get a handle on how to get ideas—ideas that work—you’ll have a big advantage over the competition. No matter how much you sell, it all comes down to how much your ads will sell. When the ads get results, your advertisers will be happy. And when they’re happy, they’ll keep running ads.

Increase circulation with mail sampling, and sell extra advertising as a bonus

Using lowest in-county rates available By Max Heath Postal Tips An increase in calls and emails on sampling questions in recent weeks and months caused me to update this topic on the value of sending sample copies to nonsubscribers using your 10 percent in-county “sampling” entitlement. The nonsubscriber rules in the Domestic Mail Manual are there to allow you to promote your newspaper to nonsubscribers and increase your mail delivery. Too many papers fail to use this tactic.

Want impact? Use a dominant visual

Want to make your page—especially your front page—more compelling? Give it more impact? Get more readers to give it a close look? - Use a dominant visual.

Drones in the sky: 'Up, Up ... and NOT going away'

By Gene Policinski Inside the First Amendment In the sky. It's a bird. It's a plane. No, it's ... a drone? With apologies to the opening seconds of the classic 1940s-50s radio and TV show "The Adventures of Superman," a flying object high overhead today is increasingly likely to be an Unmanned Aircraft System — a "drone" — rather than superhero.