Maximize postage savings & improve delivery for community newspapers

By Max Heath

Postal Tips

Community newspapers have options to save money and improve delivery times under price and rule changes during the past decade, notably in 2007 with the last postal reform bill. From time to time, I like to review these for newcomers to the business or others who may have missed them. Updates to DMM citations and changes are made as well as percentage changes.



Access to settlement agreements may be hard to obtain

Q: Our hospital district recently let a highly paid employee go. The employee got a sizable settlement and the local governmental body is refusing to release the terms. Aren’t local governmental bodies prohibited from entering into nondisclosure agreements?

A:  See the Texas Public Information Act, Government Code Sec. 552.022, titled Categories of Public Information, at: 

Think carefully before posting the ‘final word’

By Jim Pumarlo

A mayor takes issue with an editorial that criticized a city council action, calling your facts into question. Irate parents challenge your decision – your right – to report their son didn’t dress for the basketball game because he was suspended for violating school policy. A pastor is critical of an ad you accepted for publication, saying it was in poor taste.

Week of Feb. 1-7, 2016

TxDOT awaits go-ahead signal for gridlock-reducing projects
AUSTIN — The Texas Department of Transportation on Jan. 27 reported that on average, Texas drivers in five of the state’s largest metropolitan areas lose about 52 hours and $1,200 annually due to traffic congestion. 
Upon approval by its oversight body, the Texas Transportation Commission, TxDOT plans to improve drive times and reduce costs through what it calls an accelerated $1.3 billion effort addressing gridlock in some of the state’s most congested areas.

Week of Jan. 25-31, 2016

Governor meets with Prime Minister Netanyahu
AUSTIN — Gov. Greg Abbott on Jan. 18 met with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu during a business development tour in Israel.
Abbott said in a news release that the meeting was “to discuss Texas and Israel’s historic bond” and how he can further solidify their relationship. 
Abbott informed Netanyahu that Texas would “maintain its Iran divestiture policy” and that he would “seek new laws to strengthen Texas' prohibitions on the investment of public funds in Iran.”