Subscribe to Democracy campaign provides free house ad artwork

Texas Press Association provides a special line of custom artwork for newspapers to use in promoting newspaper subscriptions.
Subscribe to Democracy is the theme of the campaign, noting the importance of newspapers in a democracy. Recent studies have shown that newspapers are an important part of healthy local economies; communities with local newspaper coverage have higher voter turn-out and a more informed citizenry; and community newspapers - where reporters and editors are also friends and neighbors - are considered more trustworthy than their national media counterparts.
To help Texas newspapers get these points across to their readership and promote circulation at the same time, the Subscribe to Democracy campaign includes a variety of materials that can be used for posters, house ads, fliers and online ads - all promoting newspaper subscriptions. The material may be customized with a local newspaper's name, subscription options and contact information.
To check out the campaign and download art, click here.
If more information is needed, call the TPA office at 512-477-6755 to contact JoAnna Weatherall, advertising manager, or Priscilla Loebenberg, marketing executive.