Relevance project launches ad campaign resources, offers helpful advice

From Executive Director Thomas A. Silvestri here is a list of benefits from the Relevance Project, an initiative of Newspaper Association Managers whose trade groups represent collectively more than 8,500 newspapers in North America.
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Relevant Points blog posts
Updated most weekdays, the Relevant Points blog offers insights, advice, best practices, trends and other items of vital interest to community newspapers. Nearly 100 Points have been posted since July. Newspaper publishers can sign up to receive updates by email. Added note: All columns are free to newspapers to republish. A special monthly commentary is available as well. 
The All Together Now Campaign
This series of three messages is intended to win over advertisers dealing with pandemic restrictions, including shutdowns. It reminds local merchants that community newspapers are their best choice in providing expert assistance to welcome back customers and attract new ones. Besides, newspapers dealing with the challenges as well. Everyone can recover by working together.
Powerful Calls To Action
Proof that newspaper ads work is shown in 15 categories where newspaper ads motivated at least six out of 10 readers to take action, according to research by Coda Ventures. These flyers and promotions should open doors for sellers. The 15 ad categories are: apparel, auto, circulars/preprints, coupons, educational services, eyewear, financial services, grocery, home services, office supplies, retail advertising, jewelry retailers, insurance, home furnishings and dental services. 
Postcard Formats
The 15 Calls to Action can be converted into postcards to send to potential clients. Yet another conversation starter. 
Helpful Advice
Also available are single-page sales training hand-outs featuring topics such as 15 Tips on Winning Back Advertisers, Use Business Re-openings to Spark Great Ad Designs, Tips on Growing Your Email List, Lift Selling, and Building Lasting Customer Relationships, 
SPECIAL OFFER: The Local Market Advertising Solution
This benefit is the result of a partnership with Metro Creative and Pulse Research. It features five categories – heating and air conditioning services; banks; jewelry stores; optician or eyeglass stores; and continuing education services – where a newspaper can obtain data from its specific market on projected household spending. Accompanying free teaser ads help explain the market data and then can be used to contact the businesses to set up an appointment. The market research was collected during the pandemic and it is outstanding intelligence that gives newspapers a distinct edge. 
As part of the special offer, Metro Creative offers 10 different versions of already-designed ads for each of the five categories to show potential advertisers. With ads ready to go, the chances increase for a sale during a call and presentation. 
Additional spec ads for the other 10 Calls to Action categories are available in another section of the website. 
Two new promotional campaigns
“Support Local Journalism” is a series of three messages about the importance of supporting local newspapers. Newspapers are encouraged to build on them with local content. “When Local News Fails” uses a different angle to stress how vital trusted local news is to the health of communities and democracy. 
Both campaigns are based on Margaret Sullivan’s 2020 book, “Ghosting the News.”