ACES Editing Boot Camp - Nov. 20 - Houston

ACES Editing Boot Camp

If you’re an editor or edit as part of your job, the American Copy Editors Society offers a daylong “Editing Boot Camp” that can help you polish your skills. Each workshop is taught by knowledgeable and experienced presenters. The Editing Boot Camp workshop covers the following topics: * Why editing is important (and how to convince your bosses) * Grammar and punctuation basics * Commonly confused and misused words * Elements of proofreading * Clarity: smoothing out dense or garbled prose, streamlining copy * Accuracy: checking facts and sources, ensuring charts/graphics are correct, identifying and filling in missing information * Headlines: writing clear, informative display type in print and online (including SEO) * Style: why you need a style guide If you’re not a member now, become one by signing up here, then sign up for this workshop as a member separately. Your membership will be confirmed.
  Nov. 20, Houston: 9 a.m.-5 p.m., University of Houston, Student Center South, Multipurpose Room (Rm 237); see campus map; visitor parking available in the Welcome Center parking garage across the street. Register.