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  The Reporters Committee has published four mobile apps for iOS, Android and Kindle devices, designed to give on-the-spot resources to reporters who may have legal questions or encounter roadblocks while on assignment. All are free to download and use. First Aid, released in 2012, covers a range of issues reporters may encounter while covering the news. It was developed with support from the Stanton Foundation. The newest apps, released in 2015 with grant support from the Gannett Foundation, are topic-specific resources based on the areas most asked about on the Reporters Committee hotline. They are: Covering Schools, Cops and Courts, and Recording Rights. More information about each is below. StoryBase: All your reporting elements in one place Included in each of the new, topic-specific apps is a unique feature called StoryBase (sample pictured left; click for larger view), which gives reporters the ability to collect notes, Web links, video and audio recordings, photos, contacts and locations, and then export that information to other computers when it's time to write or file the story. Each of the specialty apps also includes a Legal Guide and the ability to post directly to Social Media. Covering Schools Public schools have increasingly been the focus of significant crime, emergency and other unfortunate news events. Journalists reporting these stories face particular challenges covering minors and trying to obtain school records. With this app, journalists will have ready access to state-specific law and other guidelines for interviewing students and accessing school records.   Cops and Courts As witnessed in Ferguson, Mo., in the summer of 2014 and by beat reporters everywhere who routinely try to get information, police departments can be less than forthcoming when it comes to releasing information. This app provides specific information about laws regarding the release of records such as arrest reports, search warrants and affidavits, and about interviewing legal parties and jurors.   Recording Rights Journalists sometimes face uncertainly about their right to make an audio or video recording of a conversation or a public occurrence such as an arrest on the street. This is compounded when officials demand that taping stop and/or that the recording be deleted. This app will ensure that journalists have immediate access to the recording laws of their state.   First Aid The Reporters Committee First Aid app is designed to help journalists who need quick answers to legal issues that arise while covering the news. It is meant as a quick solution during an urgent situation, such as when a judge or other official is keeping you from a hearing or a meeting, or a police officer is threatening you with arrest. More extensive assistance with media law issues is available through our web site. First Aid also provides quick access to our hotline for any media law issues, either by phone or email. The Reporters Committee and this app are available for journalists of all varieties, whether you work for a national news organization or a neighborhood news blog. We never charge for our assistance. To find our apps: iPhone/iPad: Search the Apple/iTunes App Library for "Reporters Committee," or follow this link on your device. Android: Search Google Play for "Reporters Committee, or follow this link on your device. Kindle Fire users can search the Amazon Android Appstore or follow this link.   via Reporters Committee apps | Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press.