Crosscut News is Developing a Free Email Newsletter Tool for News Organizations

A free “newsletter playbook tool” to serve as a guide for news organizations will be released later this year by Crosscut News, a nonprofit news site based out of Seattle.
Crosscut is researching the most effective way to convert unique news readers into engaged email subscribers in partnership with the Reynolds Journalism Institute.
Despite finding pieces of answers scattered across platforms and industries, as well as a few strong examples from some news leaders, it became clear that there was no central source with comprehensive guidance on how a smaller newsroom like Crosscut should best recruit and retain subscribers.
“Although we originally intended to focus on nonprofit, online newsrooms, our scope broadened early on to include for-profit, broadcast, and print media,” research team leader Tamara Power-Drutis said. “To utilize this tool, it doesn’t matter what primary platform you use or what your revenue model is. Every newsroom has a primary platform and every newsroom needs revenue in order to exist.”
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