Advertising Guidelines

Advertising Guidelines

The following are guidelines to be used in the acceptance of advertising, but do not and are not intended to reflect all specific policies of participating newspapers. Individual newspapers reserve the right to properly edit or reject advertising in compliance with local regulations and policies.

Commercial advertising must indicate that the advertisement was placed by a firm or an individual engaged in a commercial enterprise. This will be done by using the firm name or the word "broker" or "agent" or some suitable term.

Advertising requesting payment in advance for information will not be accepted.

Earnings claims must be based on fact and statements of such claims must be available upon request. Statements of gross sales or net earnings are limited to those of the last accounting period.

Employment advertising must be for a bona fide job offering and must state the nature of the work offered. Sales help wanted advertising must not offer or appear to offer work on a salary basis when compensation is on a commission or bonus basis. When based on commission, no statement or implication of the amount that may be earned is acceptable unless it is a guaranteed wage and is followed by the word "guaranteed". Sales help wanted ads must state the type of product to be sold. A company name which indicates the nature of the product is acceptable.

Advertising will be rejected if it is known or determined to discriminate based on race, color, national origin, religion, sex, age, marital status or individual disability except where legal restrictions prevail.

Acceptance of advertising may be subject to business and/or Better Business reference checks.

TPA guarantees that ads will be distributed to all participating newspapers. Audits of Texas 2x2 newspapers will be conducted on a quarterly basis. We do not guarantee 100% of participating newspapers will publish an accepted ad.

Adoption ads are accepted when accompanied by a letter from an attorney.

Texas Press Association reserves the right to refuse any advertisement.