6 tips for catching your writing mistakes (and protecting your credibility)

You, reporter/blogger, have been working on a story all day, and it’s deadline time. You hope your story’s free of typos and grammatical mistakes. But at this point, you’ve read it so many times, you fear you’ve missed something. No one is available to read behind you and it’s nearly time to hit “publish.”
A training session from NPR offers tips and exercises to bring out the “inner copy editor.”
Mistakes in grammar, spelling, missing/incorrect context and style make readers doubt the professionalism of your work. A Wayne State/ACES study that measured people’s impressions of edited news stories versus those that went unedited found that readers perceived the edited articles as having higher quality and more value. It’s something journalists have known for many years. Yet in many newsrooms, the layers of editing that stories used to go through are disappearing.
Taking a few extra minutes to clean up your story is critical to maintaining your credibility with readers.

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