2004 Better Newspaper Contest — Sports Photo


Division 2, Dailies
Division 3, Dailies
Division 4, Semiweeklies
Division 5, Semiweeklies
Division 6, Weeklies
Division 7, Weeklies
Division 8, Weeklies
Division 9, Weeklies
Division 10, Weeklies

Sports Photo

Division 2 Dailies 7,000 to 99,999

1st. Lubbock Avalanche-Journal - "Senior forward" by Robin O'Shaunessy. Good black and white action photo featuring local player and subordinating visiting New Mexico State player. "Texas Tech BB" by Joe Don Buckner. Excellent shot highlights the personality of Mr. Emmett. One of the best shots in the competition.

2nd. Kerrville Daily Times, John Schmid - "First impressions" Terrific action shot with nice display on page. Love the capture of receiver's facial expression and the dark, sinister defender behind. "In the chase" Kids are great and these boys are having a great time - oh - and the girl too. A nice local summer morning shot in the heat of Texas.

3rd. Port Arthur News - "Soccer" by Mike Tobias. Good action shot; reproduction quality really hurt this image. "Texas Wildcatters" by Brian Vincent. No comment.

4th. The Beaumont Enterprise, Scott Eslinger - "Soccer field tangle" Good action; nice color. "Football" Best individual shot in the competition.

Division 3 Dailies Less Than 7,000

1st. Plainview Daily Herald, Richard Porter - "Mid court mayhem" No comment. "It's mine" Great photo, action is well caught. Good photographer.

2nd. The Banner-Press, Brenham, Derek Hall - "Football" Photo is really dramatic, lots of action. Photo quality is great. "Soccer" No comment.

3rd. Texas City Sun, Dwight C. Andrews - "36 and counting" Action speaks for itself. Cutline is good. Great photographer. "Home sweet homecoming" No comment.

4th. The Terrell Tribune, Kent Miller - "Tigers" No comment. "Weightlifting" Photo quality is great. Brief cutline. Keeps it to the point.

Division 4 Semiweeklies 4,001 or More

1st. Hood County News, Mary Vinson - "Olympic hopeful" Very nice photo, reproduction is superb. Good composition and balance. Captures the happiness of the subject. "Stung again" Good photo, reproduced well. Captures defeat very well, good balance.

2nd. Wise County Messenger, Joe Duty - "Winning kiss" Good photo. Captures the emotion of the victory. Reproduced very well. "Basketball" Very nice reproduction, nice action, good balance.

3rd. Williamson County Sun, Mark Ashley - "GHS girls" Great action! Wonderful look of fear and concern on on-lookers faces. "Soccer" Very good photo. Great look of determination.

4th. Round Rock Leader - "Basketball" by Matt Archer. Great series of photos, nice action. "A sad day" by Bryce Harper. Good balance. Nice way to capture grief. Good reproduction.

Division 5 Semiweeklies 4,000 or Less

1st. The Leader Press, Copperas Cove - "Wrestling" by Mike McIlvain. Great photo. Good look of "struggle" on the faces. "Tennis" by Terry Beekman. Very determined subject, well balanced.

2nd. The Highlander, Marble Falls, Billy Becker - "Basketball" Good action, nice angle. "High jumper" Good reproduction, great look of determination on subject's face.

3rd. The Sealy News - "Cheerleading" by Joanie Griffin. Nice action, good reproduction. "Basketball" by Johnny Griffin. Great shot, seems to be defying gravity. Reproduction could be better.

4th. The Wimberley View - "Basketball" by Bill Adkisson. Good shot, reproduction could have been better. "Volleyball" by Gerald Castillo. Great shot! Well balanced.

Division 6 Large Weeklies

1st. The Cameron Herald, Mike Peck - "Football" A really great action photo - captures the real concentration! "Basketball" Another OK action photo.

2nd. Azle News, Paula Campbell - "Wrestling" Fine photo. Tells the story. "Basketball" Another OK action photo.

3rd. The Jasper Newsboy, Jason Dunn - "Hurdles" Great photo. Tells a story with picture! "Soccer" A good action photo.

4th. Duncanville Today, David Goodspeed - "Basketball" A basic action photo. "Volleyball" A good action photo that tells a story and shows the facts!

Division 7 Medium Large Weeklies

1st. The Free Press, Diboll - "Basketball grab" by Mark Bush. Look at that facial expression. Love it! Cutline doesn't tell who won. What are those spots on her arm? "Track relay" by Anthony Delco. This photo could have been perfect if there were no spots on their faces. Great action, facial expression. The reproduction is good and clear - just the spots!!!

2nd. Clay County Leader, Phil Major - "Basketball" Great facial reaction. Good action. Would have liked to know if a charge was called or not. Background looks smudged. "Football" Good pic. Would have liked to see all of his foot. Good facial expression - look at those eyes. Did he score? Cutline should have said if he did not.

3rd. Rockwall County News, Michael Gresham - "Road to victory" Who are these kids? Where is the cutline? Great action pic reproduced well. But a cutline would have been nice. Could have put in inside with a caption box. "Playoff" Great facial expression - a look of determination to score. Would like to have known the two defenders names. Watch the slivers at the bottom.

4th. Frio-Nueces Current, Pearsall, Manuel Azocar III - "Football" My only problem is you can't see his face. Facial expression is key. The cut should have his name and if he got a first down or second or something. Was he dragged down in the end zone or over the first down line? "Track relay" There's your facial reaction. Determination to win. One runner is concentrating on the handoff - the other on winning and the cutline tells what happened. This is a great track photo!! Good job.

Division 8 Medium Weeklies

1st. The Springtown Epigraph, Paula Campbell - "Basketball" Very clean, overall excellent. "Football" Very clean, good color action shot. Great timing on photographer.

2nd. Pilot Point Post-Signal - "Football" by David Lewis. Clean photo, cutline short and sweet. "Basketball" by David Hausman. Great action shot, clean, cutline. Short and sweet.

3rd. Park Cities News, Dallas, Peter H. Waters - "Football" Work on the cutline, good overall. "Volleyball" Overall good!

4th. Cedar Hill Today - "Softball" by David Goodspeed. Excellent shot, could use name of player in cutline. "Basketball" by Chris Hudson. Excellent action shot, clean. Could point out who is who as they are both fighting for the ball for the readers not familiar with Kristi Dudley.

Division 9 Small Medium Weeklies

1st. The Clarendon Enterprise - "Basketball" by Roger Estlack. Nice peak action shot. Photo is nice and sharp. Good job in covering game. "Girls basketball loss" by Joe Mitchell. Great job capturing the dejection picture. This photo tell the whole story.

2nd. Midlothian Today, Chris Hudson - "Basketball Panthers" Good job on getting action between opponents in both entries. "Basketball Hawks" Excellent job in capturing peak action plus expression of the player in center. Nice composition with arms being crisscrossed.

3rd. The Citizen, Clear Lake - "District champs" by Chuck Hlava. Nice panoramic shot of team's celebration. The two guys hugging on the left adds a nice touch. "Waterskiing" by Jimmy Wayne Loyd. Excellent action photo. No need to say more.

4th. Palacios Beacon - "Basketball" by Ryan West. Photo looks soft, perhaps from poor reproduction. Nice shot. "Football" by Nick West. Good peak action and nice tight photo so we can see the guy's face.

Division 10 Small Weeklies

1st. The Morton Tribune, Chris Woolam - "Football defense" Great action shot! Reproduced wonderfully. "Football passing" Nice action, well balanced. Reproduction could have been a little better.

2nd. The Eldorado Success - "Football" by J.L. Mankin. Great timing for this photo. Shows the subject's effort to catch the ball very nicely. "Baseball" by Kathy Mankin. Very nice action. Could have been cropped a little tighter.

3rd. The Brackett News - "Basketball" by J.J. Guidry. Nice shot, captures the shooter very well. Reproduction could have been better. "Volleyball" by Danielle Moore. Great action, well balanced. Slightly blurry.

4th. Burnet County Citizens Gazette, Rick Espitia - "Football" Great action shot, too bad the photo was stretched so much. "Football pass" Very nice action shot, nice composition. Reproduction is poor though.